Wings Are Made To Fly

My name is Vienna Valley. Ever since I was little, my parents wanted me to have a 'practical' profession such as a doctor or lawyer. I'm only twelve years old, and I already know what I want to do with my short life; I want to be a dancer.

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This is for the Inspired By a Song Competition.


1. Wings Are Made To Fly

My name is Vienna Valley. Ever since I was little, my parents wanted me to have a 'practical' profession such as a doctor or lawyer. I'm only fourteen years old, and I already know what I want to do with my short life; I want to be a dancer. Dancing for stars like Little Mix and Selena Gomez, even Austin Mahone. I can do ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary.....; you need it, I got it. I do have a preference; fast and happy dancing. It is always fun and energetic to do. 

I have told my parents but they both have complete opposite opinions in this matter. My mom wants me to I want to do because it is my life. On the other hand, my dad wants me to follow in his footsteps. Not dancing at all. It's the complete opposite. 

My mom wanted to take me to my auditions for America's Got Talent but my father wouldn't let her. She told me to run to my best friends house. My friend would then come with me through my competition. She was a dancer as well and would dance with me if I needed a partner for a dance that is not a romantic one. That would be weird. 

Anyway, I ran away to my true calling. I wanted to show the world what I have for them. I hope I blow them away. This year the judges included Austin Mahone, Howie Mandel, Cher Lloyd, and Adele.

I was talking to my friend Aleacia who came with me. That's when I was called backstage. I was wearing this: 

I began to talk to Nick Cannon and I was also being recorded. It was really cool. I might be one of the featured contestants in auditions. I was so excited. 

When it was my turn to go on stage, Nick handed me a microphone and I headed out into the spotlight.

"Hello. What's your name?" Howie asked me. "My name is Vienna Valley." I said, nervous. "How old are you?" "I'm fourteen." "Cool. And what will you be doing today?" I will be performing a dance routine to What About Love by Austin Mahone." "That's awesome!" Austin replied with a smile on his face. "Would you want to join me?" "Sure!"

Austin walked onto the stage and Nick sprinted out to collect my mic. 

The song began and so did our dancing.

[Verse 1]
I, I'm feeling your thunder
The storm’s getting closer
This rain is like fire
And my, my world’s going under
And I can’t remember
The reason that you cut off the line

You’re moving on, you say
Here I stay
I’ll take this pain
Yeah, I can, I can

What about love?
What about our promises?
What about love?
You take it all and leave me nothing
What about love?
What about us to the end?
What about love?
You cut my wings, now I am falling
What about love? [x2]

I also have a gymnastics background so I also did many stunts. Flips were flipped. Cartwheels were cartwheeled. And multiple back-bends were sprung.

At the end, I was completely and utterly proud of myself. 

The microphone was then handed back to me and Austin walked back to his seat.

Everyone was up on their feet clapping and screaming as well as whistling. I could not stop smiling. Even the judges were copying the audience!

Everyone finally began to calm down and Adele began to speak, "Your amazing! Everything you pulled was PERFECT!" Cher then added, "I loved it and it was definitely flawless!" "It was very energetic and a lot of fun to do." Austin explained. "You are so young and talented. Have you taken any dance lessons?" Howie asked. "No, I haven't but I have a gymnastics background!" I explained. Everyone had a priceless surprised look on their faces. "Wow" Howie said. "You are better than a lot of the other dancing acts that have been on past seasons of America's Got Talent. Now it is time to make our decisions. I say yes!" "Thanks!" "Austin?" Howie asked. "I say yes! Cher?" "Thanks!" "Absolutely, positively, a yes from me! Adele?" "Thanks!" "Let me think about it.....YES! See you in Vegas!" "Thank-you so much! This means a lot from me!"

I waved to the audience and walked off stage. I handed Nick the mic and hugged him then Aleacia. 

From that point on I realized that dreams ARE possible and....





That person could have been me, but I had decided not to go to the competition and face the wrath of my father. I am now a doctor and I am not happy. I wish that I could have gone but I didn't. I am thirty years old with an ex-husband and two kids, Lauryn and Aleacia. Aleacia is named after my friend because she passed away a year later due to cancer. I miss her so much. I am not happy with my life as it it. I still have dancing in my blood. Maybe next year is when I can make my dreams come true.....

For Aleacia. 



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