I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing

Sequel To It's In His DNA
If you don't read it's in his DNA you wont understand anything about this.

15 months have pasted since the dreadful night Summah can't help but think about every night but the past 6 months since having her beautiful baby girl, she's been receiving weird phone calls and weird letters. she never fully moved of from Niall, although a part of her thinks she should, she just can't do it, Harry being her babies only male figure around, he is more than happy to spend every bit of time he can with her, what can happen to Summah, that forces her to relive that terrifying night where she lost her one and only.


1. Prologue

I let out a huff of air from my mouth, causing Harry's head to flick up to look at me.

"Is everything ok Sum?" he uttered seeming slightly concerned.

"Not really, i just can't move past what happened, i think i'm just going to lay down, do you mind watching Dakota for a while please?"

"Yeah of course, and Sum, i don't think you need to worry about him, i mean they never found a body, Niall could be anywhere" Harry said trying to reassure me.

I smiled as him, got up from the living room chair and walked out towards my room, i heard a knock on the front door, i huffed and turned around walking towards the door, i pulled it open only to see no body at all standing there, i popped my head out the door trying to see if i could see anyone, but i couldn't, i stepped back and started pulling the door closed, i saw an envelope attached to my door, the front of it read "Summah-Rose" i'd recognise his writing anywhere, i ripped the envelope from the door and raced upstairs, closing my bedroom door behind me. i slipped down the back of my room hunched up i carefully opened the letter and began reading.

"Summah, i promise you that i'll always be there for you.
I never left you, i've been around, making sure you were okay
Making sure she was okay.

She's beautiful by the way, is she mine? or is she his?
I promise to write to you every day, the day i stop is the day i finally moved on.

I'll love you always and forever baby

With Love -N xx"



This is just to satisfy you all until i can get home from work to actually write a full chapter.
So welcome to Book 2...
I hope you all really truly enjoy this.
I feel super inspired with writing this :)

Much Love Jay-Jay xx

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