I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing

Sequel To It's In His DNA
If you don't read it's in his DNA you wont understand anything about this.

15 months have pasted since the dreadful night Summah can't help but think about every night but the past 6 months since having her beautiful baby girl, she's been receiving weird phone calls and weird letters. she never fully moved of from Niall, although a part of her thinks she should, she just can't do it, Harry being her babies only male figure around, he is more than happy to spend every bit of time he can with her, what can happen to Summah, that forces her to relive that terrifying night where she lost her one and only.


5. Chapter Three

"Harry i'm going out for a while tonight"

"Oh alright, i'll make sure to only cook for Dakota and myself tonight then" he said smiling.

"I'm taking Dakota with me, sorry" his smile seemed to drop, i knew he loved spending as much time as he could with her, and he jumps at the chance to watch her for me, i tried to avoid the next question i knew he'd ask me.

"Where are you guys going?" i could hear the sadness in his voice.

"I don't know yet, i might go see Ivy, i haven't seen her for a few weeks" i lied.

he nodded and moved back to where he was, i took this as an opportunity to move on from the topic, went and put Dakota on her tummy time mat and walked into the kitchen where Harry was to put a bottle in the warmer for her.

"So what made you decided to go see Ivy?" i heard Harry pipe up from behind me, i spun around in shock not sure on how to answer the question.

"I err got a phone call from her earlier, and i've missed her i guess i just want to go and see my best friend" i said smiling at him, trying to hide the fact i was lying, i've always been an awful liar, and Harry can usually see right through them, i knew i'd need to cover my tracks this time, so i walked out of the kitchen and up to my room, to ring Ivy. I pulled out my phone and dialled the number waiting for her to pick up.

"hello?" i heard the person on the other end say.

"Ivy hi, it's Summah, can you do me a huge favour?"

"Yeah, of course what is it?"

"If Harry rings you later can you tell him, i've come to visit you tonight? i promise i'll explain everything later, i just need to do this tonight, i need this like you wouldn't believe, tomorrow i'll come see you to explain please" i begged, i could feel my eyes start to well up at the thought of this huge lie i was telling Harry.

"Of course, as long as you do come tomorrow with Dakota and explain" i agreed and hung up the phone racing back down stairs to the kitchen to grab Dakota's bottle, Harry no longer in the kitchen., i pulled Dakota's bottle from the warmed to check the temperature of it.

"Perfect" i said to myself spinning on my feet, walking towards the living room where Dakota was.

I found Harry laying down with Dakota on his stomach, whispering something to her, see him with her always puts a smile on my face, because i know nothing will ever happen to her when he is around, he's so protective of her.

"I have her bottle here if you want to feed her" i said showing the bottle in my hands.

"Yeah, thanks" he said extending his hand to grab the bottle from me, i passed the bottle over.

"Is it ok if i spend this afternoon with her? i'm going to miss her tonight" he said giving me a forced smile.

"Of course, i'm going to go pack her bag" i said nodding at him, i headed upstairs to pack her stuff, i laid down for a bit, before i knew it i'd fallen asleep.

"Summah, wake up" i heard Harry say, my eyes flicking open focusing on the figure standing over me.

"Summah it's 6:15, you slept for ages" my brain slowly figuring out what he'd said, i jumped to my feet.

"Fuck, can you please get Dakota and put her in the car, please" i said rushing around grabbing everything i needed, i changed my outfit and raced out to my car i threw everything into the back seat, while Harry clipped Dakota in.

I hugged Harry goodbye, jumped into the drivers seat and began reversing out the driveway.

I pulled up at the address Niall had given me earlier, it was a small house, a house i walked by on my way to the park on a regular basis, never did i imagine this to be where Niall lived, before i could open my door, my head spun as i felt it over beside me, Niall stood there smile on his face, his face seemed to just beam tonight.

"Hey beautiful, you look lovely tonight" i smiled at him to thank him, as i slipped out from the car, he pulled me into his warm embrace.

"Come on lets go inside" he whispered to me starting to pull me away from the car.

"Niall, Dakota is in the back seat"

"Oh, oh my god, i didn't even think, i'm sorry"

"It's fine, hoenstly Niall, i totally get you aren't used to that sort of thing" i said giggling at him, he smiled in return i turned around and opened the back door where she sat in her seat.

"Summah, can i get her out?" i turned my head to look at him.

"Of course you can Niall" his small attempts at getting close to Dakota honestly warmed my heart so much, they showed me how much he cared, and how much he clearly wants to be apart of her life.

It really is the cutest thing watching a father interact with their child the first few times they spend together, i watched him the way he was talking to her as he pulled her from her seat trying to comfort her telling her everything was ok, he would honestly be perfect for her, he was just as caring as Harry was towards her, she already has two men in her life that are wrapped around her little finger.


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