I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing

Sequel To It's In His DNA
If you don't read it's in his DNA you wont understand anything about this.

15 months have pasted since the dreadful night Summah can't help but think about every night but the past 6 months since having her beautiful baby girl, she's been receiving weird phone calls and weird letters. she never fully moved of from Niall, although a part of her thinks she should, she just can't do it, Harry being her babies only male figure around, he is more than happy to spend every bit of time he can with her, what can happen to Summah, that forces her to relive that terrifying night where she lost her one and only.


8. Chapter Six

waking up to Niall in my bed was an unusual sight i pulled myself out from his arms and walked down to the kitchen, i could smell his cooking from a mile away Harry is a mean cook in the kitchen he definitely knows his way around a frying pan.

"What's cooking good looking?" i asked as i stepped into the kitchen

"French toast, want some?"

"Of course i do, i don't pass up a meal cooked by you, you should know that by now" i said laughing

"Oh i know" he stated

"Dakota is still asleep but i have the monitor in here in case she woke up" he continued, i smiled and walked over to him stealing the toast he had on his plate.

"hey" he shouted, he chased me around the kitchen before pinning me to the middle counter, forgetting about the person who'd just came back into my life that is currently upstairs in my bed i didn't move Harry from his position against me.
His hands gripping my hips as he moved me up onto the middle counter top, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling myself back into Harry, his hands gliding up my torso gripping my face moving his face towards mind, our lips brush against one another, my hands grabbing the hem of Harry's shirt gliding it up over his head disposing of his shirt on the ground forcing my lips to his moving my lips in sync with his i don't know what came over me to put myself in this situation, but i couldn't stop myself, i wanted this as much as Harry clearly wanted this, he picked me up and began moving towards the spare room by the living room, kicking the door shut behind him he laid me down on the bed laying himself down on top of me, he began pulling my shorts down.

"Summah, are you here or?" i heard Niall shouting out bringing me to realisation of what i was doing my eyes widening, Harry's doing the same.

"Oh god, i'm so sorry" Harry stated.

"No, no i'm sorry" i said pulling my shorts back on.

"Can you please let me leave first, i'll clear Niall out of the way so you can get out, please" i asked rushing to the door to block him from leaving.

he nodded giving me indication i could leave the room, i rushed out tracking down Niall only to find him in Dakota's room watching her sleeping.

i walked over and stood beside him, his arm slung around me as he kissed my forehead the guilt rushing through my body was taunting.

"We really made that?" he said smiling at me, i forced a smile to my face and nodded at him.
"We make good looking children" he laughed.

Sorry the chapter you have all been waiting for isn't very long but there you have it
this is all i can come up with on my own
but i'm still looking for people to help co-write this.
just comment if you are interested in co-writting with me :)

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