I Only Miss You When I'm Breathing

Sequel To It's In His DNA
If you don't read it's in his DNA you wont understand anything about this.

15 months have pasted since the dreadful night Summah can't help but think about every night but the past 6 months since having her beautiful baby girl, she's been receiving weird phone calls and weird letters. she never fully moved of from Niall, although a part of her thinks she should, she just can't do it, Harry being her babies only male figure around, he is more than happy to spend every bit of time he can with her, what can happen to Summah, that forces her to relive that terrifying night where she lost her one and only.


2. Chapter One

I wanted to respond to him so badly, but i'd been trying to ring his phone since the fire, it was never turned on anymore. i pulled myself up from the floor and hurried over to my desk in my room, i pulled a piece of paper from the top draw and began replying to him, i had no idea how i was going to get the messages too him especially without anyone knowing he contacted me, i wasn't sure if i was supposed to tell anyone or not, so i decided to keep it quiet, keeping contact with Niall quiet made me feel as though we had started all over again, no a soul new about this, and i honestly wanted to keep it that way, everything seems simple when no body knows your business.

I didn't write much in the reply letter to him.

"Niall, i have no idea how to get this letter to you, but i'm hoping one day i'll figure it out. so i'll reply to every letter you send me, starting with this one.

Niall, where have you been? you've seriously left me feeling so frightened, i wanted to tell you so badly, but i just blurted out i wasn't pregnant, maybe it was fear, i don't know, but what i do know is that i love you, and i miss you.

Yes she is yours, she's 6 months old now, her name is Dakota-Lee Horan, and i bet she'd love to meet her dad Niall.

I love you too Niall & miss you, please come back to me.

Love Summah x"

i folded the letter up and placed it back in my top drawn along with his letter to me.

I heard Dakota start crying out in the living room, so i jumped up and raced towards her and Harry.

"Here pass her here" i said stretching out my arms to grab her from him.

"I'll go put a bottle on for her"

"Thanks Harry" i said as i took her to her room to change her nappy, i placed her on her change mat by the window and began to pull her pants from her, i got this erry feeling pace through my body causing me to shutter my head shot up to look out the window, i saw this tall figure within seconds of making eye contact, quickly turn on their heels and take off, i recognised his beautiful blue eyes, he was so close to where i was, all i could do was grab Dakota & just drop to the ground and scream, he was within metres of me and i couldn't touch him, my heart pumping so fast in my chest, i wanted to just hold him, for that split second, we were in each others sights once again.

Harry came bursting into where i was checking if i was ok.

"Sum, what happened?" he said very distressed.

"He, i, Niall... Hes.. out there"i said almost scared to say those words.

Harry looked straight out the window, only to see absolutely nothing.

"Theres no body out there, you might have just been seeing what you wanted Sum" he said pulling me into a hug.

Maybe i was only seeing what i wanted, maybe the later giving me the reassurance that Niall is still here, caused my mind to see him, but if i wanted to see him, why would he have ran.

I stood up from where i sat placing Dakota back on the change mat, i changed her nappy, pulled her pants back on and walked back to the living room.

"I'm going for a walk with Dakota" i said to Harry as i turned to leave the room, i set off for my room to grab Dakotas pram and the letters.

As we reached the park, i got a weird feeling again, as though i was being watched i spun around to see if i could see anyone at all, but i saw nothing, i sat at one of the park benches with Dakota for a while, just trying to think, trying to figure everything out, i pulled the letters from my bag on Dakotas pram re-reading what it was i wrote, my mind started spinning giving me 101 ideas about how to get the letter to Niall, but one idea stood out the most, he said he's been around making sure Dakota and i were okay, maybe he's why i have this weird feeling like someone if watching me right now, so i decided to hold the letter up in clear sight before i refolded it and placed it on the park bench beside me then proceeded to stand up and walk away leaving the note one the park bench, i have no idea if he will get it, but if he writes again, i'm sure i'll know he did, i hope i'll know he did, i want to talk to him, i miss him a lot.

When i reached my house again, i went and put Dakotas pram away and took her for a bath, when i bath her, i always like to tell her about her dad, and today was no different.


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