The Mystic Legend

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There was a legend that every once a thousand years, a Gifted will be reincarnated and born and have all the power of the mystic beings we all love and hate - were-wolves, mermaids, vampires and fairies.

The Gifted will have the highest power ever among the beings of the magic world and have power over the whole world. That is why every species of the mystic beings want to get hold It and if they do... It's very hard to say what horrible things might happen if the Gifted falls into the wrong hands.

Who will get their golden ticket to their dreams? Well, read the story now!


1. A werewolf as my boyfriend?!?

I never thought that I would dumped in the worst way ever. I thought he was my forever and I gave up all my free time for him but in the end, THIS had to happen. I guess I must be the only person with a luck like that, dying in the hands of my once- loved one, it hurts so much.






My name is Charlotte, just Charlotte. My mum forgot to give me a middle name when I was born and therefore saved me from extremely funny situations where people like my classmate's first name is Gay. My love life? I'm dating---used to, I mean--- the most popular guy in school,Twain Raids. One look and you will know why he's so popular---with his hazel brown eyes accompanied with a smile that can captivate the hearts of everyone. 


We had dated for almost three months until a few minutes ago when he told me he had something to show me in the forest and lured me deep into the forest. Then he told me that he is a were-wolf and the only reason he was dating someone ugly as me was because he was bored of toying with the sluts in the school. In my opinion, that is one hell of a stupid reason to date someone who actually put a lot of effort into the relationship. After telling me all his bullshit,he actually jumped onto me, transformed into a wolf in front of my eyes---I know, shocking right?--- and slashed my body repeatedly with his paws.


And that,I thought ,was probably the worst was someone could die. Wearing a t-shirt that barely covered my body after the attacks and me screaming and begging him to stop but to no avail. That's it,I decided that moment, I'm dying a loner and coming back for revenge. I said a prayer and promised that I would be back again to hunt him down until he was in the burning pits of hell. After that,my eyesight became blury and I was slipping into an unconcious state. The last thing I saw was the face of the most handsome guy staring back down at me while talking to someone else who was probably beside me.




 When I opened my eyes the next time, I had to blink repeatedly before my eyes adjusted to it. I tried standing up but because I was still hurt, I immediately fell down. Closing my eyes, I expected that it would worsen my wounds more but the pain never came. Instead, I opened my eyes into a pair of worried eyes that was pretty familiar yet can't remember where or when I saw it.


"Are you all right?" The person asked me while carrying me back to the surprisingly flat rock I woke up on.


Wait a minute, I was pretty much sure that I died in the forest yet right now, I am still in one piece! And what crazy person lays a hurt person on a freaking flat rock?!?


Trying to recall what ninja moves I was forced to learn in school, I jumped out and showed him a posture that I hoped look threatening to him. He looked surprised at first but started laughing so much, his face was turning red.


"No no no! You're doing it all wrong!" He said after he successfully stopped laughing. His expression told me he wanted to laugh again but he is trying to suppress it.


He made some moves which actually looked like something a ninja might actually do. Unlike mine.


After a few moment of silent staring at each other, I realized that I forgot to put my defenses up because I just met him not long ago and he was probably a crazy weirdo who place girls he find in the forest onto a rock.


I bit my lip, daring myself to run. But I just realize that there was at least 10 people,whom I swore was not there, surrounding us so running is out of favour for me. I knew that no matter how fast I run, they could catch up eventually. All of them looked at me with a curious yet cautious pairs of eyes. Sensing that I was frightened, he directed the topic.


"Well, my friends and I was trekking in the forest when we saw you in a bloody mess with tattered clothes and scratches. Care to explain about that?"


Bloody mess? What was that about? Oh right, that bastard Twain was a fucking real werewolf and he killed me--- or at least tried.


Well, this is the most awkward moment ever. How am I going to explain it to a bunch of people that a werewolf tried to kill me by slashing my body and wanted to leave me in the forest while I fight for my life?





Hey there! So how was my first chapter? I had a pretty clear idea of how it should be in my head but I didn't know how to express it so you might expect a redo of this chapter but anyway this was the end result~


Also, I'm new to Movellas and am not quite sure about how it functions and all but anyways, this is my first book here! Also, in case you wanted to know more about my Wattpad experience, go to this website

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Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to comment or even like/favourite if you would like more of this piece of work. Every of those means the world to me & I want you to know that♥


love ya




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