Near To You

This is my entry for the 'Inspired by a song' competition.


1. Losing Grip

I lightly knocked on the door, anxiously waiting for a response. I didn't tell him how long I would be gone, even though I know he hates surprises.

I knocked again, this time a little louder. Slow paced footsteps are coming toward the door.

The corners of my mouth turn up into a small smile. I can't help it. I know it's only been two weeks, but I guess I missed him more than I thought. 

The door cracks open, revealing a young woman barely covered by what looked like Carter's bed sheet. 

My smile fades as she looked at me expectantly. "Where is it?" she asks looking me over.

"What?" I frown. My voice came out trembly. The woman crosses her arms across her chest. 

"The pizza! Gosh, what is it about ordering food in this city that takes so long." she complains.

I shake my head, ignoring what she said and take a deep breath. 

"I'm looking for Carter." I say, as if she never mentioned anything about pizza. 

She rolls her eyes and pouts her lips. "He's not here. Are you a friend of his?" 

"Sort of..." I say slowly, trying to get a look past her, but she closes the distance between her and the open door. "And you're his...?" I inquire subtly. 

"Girlfriend." she says with a sly smile. Like she expects me to be instantly jealous. 

"Right." I say wiht a single nod. I turn to leave, not wanting her to see me cry. "Should I tell him you were here?" she asks impatiently. 

I turn to face her, eyes burning. "No. Just let him know that his seemingly now ex-girlfriend came to surprise him after her trip away and that he can pick his things up on my porch steps whenever he pleases." 

I leave with the woman staring a hole into my back, not sure wether to be sad or just really angry. 


As I walk to my car I look around this suddenly unfamiliar town. 

The fully green tree's aligning the road. Sophie's cafe, where I first met Carter. The bench right outside it, where we shared our first coffee. 

The small theme park a couple blocks from here, where we both worked for 3 summers in a row. You can hear the roller-coaster and the faint screams of scared and excited kids from Carters bedroom. 

Everything that has so much life and colour, now just seems so dark gray and, well, dead. 

Carter has done this a few times. Cheat. Somehow I always found a reason to forgive him. 

I guess that's what love meant to me. 

But until now, he's always confessed his little adventures. It never lasted very long either. 

These past two weeks, spending time with family, old friends and new ones, reminded me of the kind of girl I used to be. 

Fun, spontaneous, kind... not at all a push over. 



I unlock my front door and slip inside, just as the rain begins to pour and I am greeted my that amazing feeling of being home. I loved this place so much. It used to belong to my best friends parents, but as they moved to europe, they left it to me. 


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