Rex was prophesied to finally rid the world of the evil yet beautiful Aldua, and remove them he did. However Rex did something the prophesy did not foretell, and took took the world for his own. This is the story after the cliche fantasy ending, where the "prophesied hero" decides to take some of the perks of being a demi-godlike superhuman.


1. Prologue - Heroes and Tyrants

To be honest, I never asked for this, any of this life that I have led. I never asked for their adoration, I never asked for this power, I never asked for your love and I never asked for all their sacrifices. I never asked. And yet I received. I was given everything - everything any person would ever need to realise his goals. No, the people's goals. I was their “champion”. And I never asked for that either. So am I really to blame when I stopped fighting for you all? When I decided that maybe I wanted something different to what you had all decided for me? You call me tyrant, the "Dark One" which is laughable, since the powers I wield were once yours. I did do as you asked; I saved you all, I removed the Aldua, at least be grateful for that. But I was not going to die for it. I wasn't going to be neatly removed once you had what you wanted from me. I saved you, and now, I own you.


What of my feelings you ask? Am I now an evil husk, nothing but power encased in dark armour? Ha ha. I am still me. I never truly changed. No. My feelings towards you only differ now because I know the truth: that I was never a person to you, I was just pest control; the mongoose set loose to kill the snakes. And what do you do once the snakes are all gone and suddenly the only danger is the thing you set loose? Well we know the answer to that, don't we? But you made a mistake. You still thought then that I was that obedient little boy that would accept his fate as necessity. You were wrong. You were always wrong. The monsters were never the Aldua, the monsters were you, who took a little boy and turned him into a nightmare.


You still resist me, out there somewhere in the wastes of the old Aldua. Hiding, plotting, rebelling. But I know something you do not, my sweet Clarissa. Even if you found a way to kill me, you could not. You still love me. I am the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you see when you fall asleep, and you think what you feel is hate. And one day, when you come for me, when you stand before me and see yourself mirrored in my eyes, you will realise that there is nothing you can do, you are powerless. You need me. Humanity needs me. As long as I am alive no harm can befall you. Yes, my rule is absolute, my judgments harsh. But you are all alive. And I will keep it that way. Now bow.

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