They Don't Know About Us

Asher Nielson has moved to new city, looking for a fresh start, she meets 5 crazy boys and instantly falls in love. But who with?


3. Paint Fight!

I arrived home and threw on my overalls. I placed my hair in a messy bun and headed towards my room. As I popped the white paint tins open, I thought to myself, hey, why not call Harry. I grabbed my phone and dialled in his number. As it was ringing, I wondered if it was too soon. Before I had time to hang up, his voice rung through my ears.


I stuttered, but finally managed to let out some words.

"Hi! It's Asher, from the hardware?"

"Hi Asher!" I was so thrilled to be talking to him.

"I was wondering if you'd like to help me paint my room?" I heard him laugh.

"Of course! Where do you live?"

"London Bridge Apartments. Floor five number 27." He said okay and he would arrive in 10 minutes.

I realised I looked like a complete doof wearing my overalls with a smiling pink and yellow flower on the pocket. I threw on some old red jeans and a tight white singlet. I heard a knock on the door. I skipped towards the door and opened it. There he was. Charming, tall and handsome. And by golly he looked amazing in skinny jeans. I blushed.

"Come in!" I gestured my hand towards the living room.

~Harry's P.O.V~

Asher welcomed me in and I sat on her plush couch.

"The place definatley needs a makeover. Don't you reckon?" Asher smiled towards me.

"Yeah. I guess."

"Okay! Let's get started!" Asher walked into her room. I followed.

As we stepped into the room, it was bright pink! My jaw dropped in shock.

"You're kidding me!"

"Nope. I've hated the colour since I've moved in!" We both laughed. Asher pointed out which walls were going to be white, and which were going to be green. We both got started on a white wall each. It was great fun. We had music playing and we had snacks to keep us satisfied. After about an hour or two we had finished the whole room.

"Looks great!" I gave her the thumbs up.

~Ashers P.O.V~

I told him to wait where he was. I sneaked over to the paint tins an dipped my hands in them. Then I walked back over to him. I wiped my white and green hands all over his face. Harry gasped.

"You did not just do that!" He laughed and ran over to the paint. He dipped his paintbrush in the green and wiped it over my face. After ten minutes we were covered in white and green. It was silent. We stared deep into each others eyes. Before I knew it, we were in a deep, passionate kiss. I was on my tippy toes. We just stared into eachothers eyes in complete silence after. Harry was the first to break it.

"Well. I better go now. Nice seeing you Asher!" and with that, he was out the door.

'I'm such an idiot!' I thought to myself. I was in a grumpy mood after that, so to cool things down I had a shower, ate dinner and had an early night.

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