They Don't Know About Us

Asher Nielson has moved to new city, looking for a fresh start, she meets 5 crazy boys and instantly falls in love. But who with?


2. Numbers on paint tins

I headed down to the lobby of my apartment building. There was no one there. I didn't take any notice, and headed towards the residental car park. My perfect silver Audi, which I had saved up enough money for since I was in school. I put the key in the egnition and I was off. I was heading towards the hardware. Today I would start painting my room.

As I walked through the doors I straight away headed towards the paint section. I knew exactly what I was doing. I glanced through all of the colours until I found the white. As I was searching for the green, I heard a voice from behind me.

"Hi, can I help you?" His green eyes stared deep into mine. He was tall, charming and had curly hair spiralling out. I was out of focus for a while. I snapped back to reality and shook my head.

"Yes please. I'm just looking for a mint green?" I dashed a smile and tucked a stary peice of hair behind my ear.

"Uhh, is this the colour?" He searched through the green and picked up a shade.

"Yes! That's perfect!" I clapped my hands together.

"Okay just follow me and I'll get your tins." He winked at me and I could feel myself going red. As he was getting them ready, we made conversation about stupid little things. We hit it off immeadiatley.

"My names Harry." He blurted it out in the middle of talking about cats. I smiled back and replied,

"Nice to meet you Harry. I'm Asher." we glanced a smile.

~Harrys P.O.V~

God, Asher was beautiful. Her red hair flowed down her shoulders like silk. She had freckles filling her face. I couldn't help but smile when she looked at me. I needed to know her better. Just before I handed her the paint tins, I wrote a little message.

~Ashers P.O.V~

Harry handed me the tins and I paid him. I smiled, we said goodbye and I was off. I noticed on one of the tins a message was written on there.

'Call me! xx' underneath was his number. I couldn't help but giggle like a little school girl.

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