They Don't Know About Us

Asher Nielson has moved to new city, looking for a fresh start, she meets 5 crazy boys and instantly falls in love. But who with?


22. Later Years

~Ashers P.O.V~

The next two years flew by, but nothing interesting happened. Niall and I were happy together still, Dani was still living with us, and Harry had got a girlfriend. Her name was Dahlia. She had long, blonde hair and was very tanned. She came from America. They'd only been dating for 3 weeks but took eachother very seriously. We all met up at the boys apartment to catch up, we hadn't really had enough time to see eachother, we all sort of drifted apart. We all swore we'd get closer again this year. Niall seemed anxious about something.

"What's wrong babe?"

Everyone was sitting and laughing about little stories Dahlia was telling about America.

"Nothing. Nothing, I'm fine." he gave me a smile and went back to worrying.

"Harry, can you help me with drinks?" Niall stood up and walked into the kitchen.

"Sure." Harry followed.

After about five minutes Harry and Niall returned with some cold drinks.

I sat back into Nialls arms, taking a sip of my drink.

"Well it's getting late, I need to run to the store, anyone want anything?" Niall stood up and stretched.

"Yes! Chocolate!" El called out, laughing.

"Okay." he winked and walked out.


About three hours later, I decided to go home. I figured Niall would already be home, so I decided it was time to leave. I walked around to say goodbye to everyone but I couldn't find anyone. I thought it was strange.

I stepped outside and opened the door. No lights were on. I flicked on the light switch and saw a rose, followed by a note.

'Follow the roses.'

I walked down the hallway, 1 rose, 2 roses, 3 roses, 4. I soon ended up with 8 red roses and the last one was white. I reached our room. I cautiously opened the door and Niall was standing there, in a tuxedo. I held my hands up to my mouth.

"Shhh." he stepped towards me, with a big grin on his face.

"Asher, I love you more than anything in this world. It's been 2 years now, I can't beleive I haven't done this earlier. You are amazing. No one should tell you otherwise. I don't know how I ended up with you, I am an extremely lucky guy. If anyone ever tries to ruin this, God help me. Asher, I love you."

Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn't beleive this was happening. '

"Asher," Niall got down on one knee. "Dinosaur!" he called. I got confused at this point.

Dinosaur came plodding in, wearing a chain around his neck. Niall took something off the chain.

"Will you marry me?"

I heard claps coming from our ensuite. Louis, Dani, El, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Dahlia were all there.

"Yes!" I jumped into his arms.


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