The Box

An empty box sitting on the windowsill. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything normal.

Then there was a knock. Coming from the inside of the box.


1. The Accident

The rain splattered onto the bonnet of my car as the wipers worked furiously to keep my sight clear. I squinted through the spray being launched towards me by the car in front and tried to concentrate on the road. I attempted to pat down my dishevelled hair and wiped the sleep out of my eyes. I glanced at the small digital clock on the dashboard and groaned, 8:45. I was at least half an hour from a meeting that I was meant to be at 15 minutes ago. Image flashed in my brain of my boss shrieking at me, a purple vein pulsing in her forhead. I srunched my eyes shot and shook my head quickly. When I looked up its like my eyes became a tunnel, a small girl was walking across the road, only a metre at most from where I was. I thrashed down the brakes as hard as I could but I already knew it was no use. There were two seconds when she faced me, her face contorted with fear, her eyes wide and scared, like a rabbit in the headlight. But then I hit her. Her body was thrown across the road like a forgotten ragdoll before landing and skidding across the tarmac. Someone screamed and many started sprinting towards the girl. Endless amounts of people calling an ambulance, helping but here I sat, motioneless and helpless. My heart thumped furiously but strangely all I could think about was my meeting. Once again the image of my boss swamped my brain and before I had any time really to think about it I had screeched away, leaving the burning marks on the road instead of my heart. I heard shouts as they realised what I was doing. They knew now. It was a hit and run.

I arrived at work and ran towards the door, shaking with cold and with another feeling I could not quite describe. I looked at my watch, 9:22, far too late for the meeting so I decided it would just be easier to sit at my desk. I gazed at the image of my husband and my son, Matthew. I wondered what they would think of me now, would they hate me? I knew I should feel guilt but instead the only feeling that overwhelmed me was anger. It was the girls fault. She had walked out in front of me and I shouldnt care how she was. It was none of my business. I buried every sense of sadness and guilt and let the rage take me over. I now knew why I was shaking. It was then I could here the unmistakeable clacking of my bosses heels coming towards me and fast. I grimaced before turning and facing my fate. There she was standing over me like a giant, hands on hips and a furious look plastered on her face.

"Where were you! The meeting started at 8:30 Sophie! I didn't ask for much, only that you turn up on time but can you even do that. You know how I feel about this sort of thing Sophie! Im going to have no choice but to.." she didn't get any further. I slapped her across the face so hard she fell to the floor, clutching her cheek. No words were necessary as I grabbed my keys and my stuf and stormed out of the room as the rest of the staff watched me go.

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