-Vision- Looking Through Darkness...

The Corporation run by an old friend of Mr Roberts, he had demoted himself and announced a new Manager to take over. Of course Mr Roberts felt as he was perfect for the role. And this promotion could have been given to just about any hard worker. Due to too much drama in the business, his old friend shut down the corporation. Only one person could save the businesses, and that one person is...?

- Keep Reading to find out more! -

- Written By Luke J -

[Vortex Competition Entry]


5. The Saviour of the Boss

Chapter 5: The Saviour of the Boss

The hallway’s thin lines of wallpaper have split down the middles. Cracks lurk in the ceilings and floor boards. Mr Jameson rests slightly in his office, “I’d be known as a king if it was my grand ‘pappy days” Mr Jameson spoke to himself; his short hair had kept him cool from the heat wave warning. Trying to get a grip still, Mr Roberts was seeking advice from a friend of his. Whilst his family causes more disasters, leading into further problems, the ex employee had left the building for a few days.

Obviously this would have been amazing news for Mr Roberts, and instead he used it as an excuse for a second promotion. Back in Jameson’s office, Mr Roberts sat on a wooden stool; the legs had become a little chipped. “I’d like a promotion.” Mr Roberts whispered, his two legs shaking from the sudden thoughts of the many reactions Mr Jameson could react in. However due to so many expectations, it lead to one that he hadn’t realised. Mr Jameson nodded slightly, and took a sip from his Ice coffee bubbling with ice cubes. “Ha... It’s funny really, I was just mentioning a promotion for you Roberts’s sir, and you come running to me this time. I appreciate you making my life easier too.”

An unusual face on Mr Roberts lurked beneath his skin, “Is that a yes sir?” Mr Roberts asked with tension rising in his bloody veins. “Ha- It’s a never... I can’t just let you break the wind-“Mr Jameson paused. “How about you become a businessman for me, I pay you extra wages, and you can start pulling some of that weight around, ha-“Mr Jameson laughed demonically. “What about my promotion sir...?” Mr Roberts interrupted Mr Jameson’s little laugh. By the looks of Mr Jameson’s face, Mr Roberts could tell that he weren’t too happy with him. “You start tomorrow, Now Get Out!” Mr Jameson screamed. His voice felt so mellow before and now his shouting loudly...

Leaving Mr Roberts with a terrible promotion lead him to further worries. All the sounds around him felt like a déjà-vu. All the giggles beneath the floor he has been standing on for months, lead him to a short coma. Passing out frantically, it left him with no other option. Laying on the floor in agony, and ignoring or the pain, it felt more like a relief to him. “Mr-“a voice started speaking, “W-“Mr Roberts tripped on his sentence, trying to awake from a bizarre coma. “You fell asleep on the job...?” The voice whispered, whilst Mr Jameson’s face blurred on the innocent woman standing next to him. “Please... can you just call an ambulance” Mr Roberts asked with his face changing drastically.

“Get away from me!” Mr Roberts screamed, no longer trusting the people around him. “Stop Sir-“the woman asked politely. “No!” Mr Roberts’s screams echoed the dark hallways. “I am not going back to that so called boss... I’m not working for him!” The pressure lead him to more face changes, and sudden reactions making him unsure on why his reacting so strangely. “Just call 911, and I’ll get a supply of medicine from the drawls” the woman ordered, her bossy attitude sounded more like threats to Mr Roberts. He felt discomfort from the woman’s voice asking for services. “Just let me go-“Mr Roberts mumbled, whilst the woman knocked him out into a second coma.

Slowly breaking away, Mr Roberts’s heart started to fade into the drum beats. “Let me live once more... I’ll change the way I am, I’ll become something new!” Mr Roberts mumbled to himself, sadly it had been overheard by several nurses. “Ah, so you’ve finally awoken-“a nurse introduced herself. “My name is Nurse Cranberry”, Mr Roberts opened his damaged eyes a little wider. “You had fallen asleep, more like a deep coma really.” “How long have I been out for?” Mr Roberts asked nervously.

“It’s hard to tell... You’ve been out for a few days, and I can’t tell you how stressed your boss has been” Nurse Cranberry replied, her flow of long blonde hair tinted with silver made Mr Roberts feel closer to her, he wanted to ask her more questions. Due to the Nurse being busy with other clients, she hadn’t had time to speak to him more. Her long painted black eyelashes blinked over her deep sea blue eyes. The tint of light blue made Mr Roberts see the light. “I’ve changed...” he whispered to himself, and that’s when Mr Jameson arrived to serve him comfort. “A-ha, if it isn’t Mr Roberts... I have a few things to say...” Mr Jameson whispered. He wanted to tell Mr Roberts something.

“Go away; I’ll talk to you when I’m out of here!” Mr Roberts screamed from the top of his lungs. As a good nurse should, Nurse Cranberry asked Mr Jameson to leave. “Just give him a few more days for recovery-“Nurse Cranberry whispered. “A few more days” Mr Jameson shouted, waking up all the injured children who had been in a deep sleep. “Just go-!” Nurse Cranberry shouted, her voice sounded pure to Mr Roberts. Her shouting didn’t even sound high tempo. It just sounded like in the middle of high and low, the voice of an angel... Mr Roberts leapt out of his bed with a smile.

“You’re not ready to go back out there yet, I need to take a few blood samples” Nurse Cranberry whispered, her voice sounded soothing to Mr Robert’s slightly blocked ears. The warmth from the room left Mr Roberts sweating slightly, his sweat had been a mix of feeling feelings for Nurse Cranberry and feeling warm due to the heat wave. “Can’t you speak to me tomorrow?” Mr Roberts asked with a smile slowly developing, whether it had been unsure is beyond him. “S-Speak with you tomorrow-“Mr Roberts felt a little gutted. “Well... I can have you as a patient tomorrow, I’ll check over your blood then instead.” Nurse Cranberry got the wrong end of the stick, Mr Roberts felt heartbroken once more.

The room felt moist, most of the warmth had been sucked inside from the wide open windows. Slight shadow casted around objects around Mr Roberts, he felt the intensity of a strong breeze. Most of the warmth had stuck to the walls, mixing into the damp ceilings. Nurse Cranberry turned slightly towards Mr Roberts. He looked a little deadbeat, she giggled whilst holding a small box of medicine, and it contained a moist flavour. “Say Argh” Nurse Cranberry looked at a nervous Mr Roberts, keeping eye contact continuously through-out the entire procedure. “Argh…” Mr Roberts gargled on his word. “Good, I’m happy for the assistance you are giving me-“she giggled. Mr Roberts bravely interrupted. “N-No problem, it’s the least I can do…” he smiled, his face still looking sweaty.

As Nurse Cranberry faced her smooth white desk, Mr Roberts felt a little out of character. She had slowly bent down to gather a few supplies from the tidy looking shelves. A little pervert, he would have mentioned his thoughts on why he wants to stare at Nurse Cranberry’s bottom. Obviously it had been a little strange, and if she had turned to see him staring so greatly with his enlarged eyes. She would have most likely called him an unacceptable patient, and that’s what Mr Roberts wasn’t afraid of. If she had known, she most likely would have blustered with her voice sounding like a threat. It’s kind of hard not to think about those consequences…

Once Nurse Cranberry had knelt down on her smooth knees. Mr Roberts could see no more pervert signs, and he couldn’t enjoy himself in the room. Nurse Cranberry’s deep eyes kept him staring, she looked like a cute female. Mr Roberts knew she was the one, and asking her out for lunch seemed like a long stretch away from reality. His medium sized palms sweated with a leak of moisture. It made him feel more nervous and a little homesick. His daughter and son… it reminded him that he had a great wife before… she was one of the best, and he always said that she is irreplaceable.

“M-Mr Roberts, I’d like you to leave “Nurse Cranberry asked politely, what made her change her mind. “Is that what you think?” Mr Roberts bravely asked her a silly little question. “N-No… It’s what I know that hurts. And I can’t be the one to allow-“Nurse Cranberry paused with a slight smile glaring into Mr Roberts’s teary eyes. “Fine… bye, I’ll leave now.” “Make it quick though.” Mr Roberts paused with his eyes no longer looking so straight. He intended on leaving the room, he wanted to move on. Nurse Cranberry destroy his next booked check-up. No longer having any time for him, she wanted to move on too. Her mind was on other things, and those other things would only be a wonder to him. Nurse Cranberry opened the wooden door for Mr Roberts, she never said anything else.

The door closed slowly, it had been a slow defeat for Mr Roberts. He felt a little heartbroken, he couldn’t believe that Nurse Cranberry would not feel the same way. Having to return to Mr Jameson in the night made matters worse for a sinister Mr Roberts. Once night had finally arrived, Mr Roberts entered his boss’s office with a sulk. He didn’t feel like talking, the drastic change inside of him kept him busy… it made him regret having the children he fails to look after. “C-Come in, I’ll make this quicker. And you can be the one to present me with a presentation tomorrow morning” Mr Jameson replied anxiously.

It had been very noble of Mr Roberts to stand up for himself in the past… Only this time, he felt like something was missing. He accepted a sudden offer Mr Jameson threw at him, he accepted it with no regrets. The evil smile forming on his boss’s face made him become afraid of work. All I do is work hard… and this is what I get for my hard work Mr Roberts thought. His thoughts became a little stressful, and to take out all his anger… he decided to use it on his office. Kevin returning tomorrow only made Mr Roberts regret on going back. He wanted to quit, and let down all his workers in the progress? This was no easy decision, and could only be made without a smile.

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