-Vision- Looking Through Darkness...

The Corporation run by an old friend of Mr Roberts, he had demoted himself and announced a new Manager to take over. Of course Mr Roberts felt as he was perfect for the role. And this promotion could have been given to just about any hard worker. Due to too much drama in the business, his old friend shut down the corporation. Only one person could save the businesses, and that one person is...?

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- Written By Luke J -

[Vortex Competition Entry]


3. The Psycho of the Chair

Chapter 3: The Psycho of the Chair

“Mr Jameson, Husband... I need you to...” Mrs Jameson had lost her breath from such a powerful sprint up all the stairs. Mr Jameson smiled whilst looking at an out of breath wife, “You look very sleepy, I wouldn’t put it past you honey” Mr Jameson whispered, he observed his wife’s health, and “I need to talk to you...” Mrs Jameson said with her hands shaking. “Indeed you do, I’ve seen what you’ve down there... I’ve seen it!” Mr Jameson raised his voice at his own wife.

Mr Jameson’s loud voice covered his office in angry outburst. Trapped in a bubble, he felt... Mrs Jameson was a little disturbed by her husband’s attitude towards her, his wife. Mr Jameson slammed his two solid fists against the desk, almost breaking one of his pinkie fingers. “The cameras show so much... I’ve seen what you are doing to our Ants; they aren’t working because of you!” Mr Jameson sounded a little calmer, soon breaking into more violent anger.

“I-I can explain Sir, just give me one chance to explain what’s happened... please” Mrs Jameson felt more fragile than ever, Mr Jameson noticed this. He had used her as a door mat since he had been promoted. “Power and greed, that’s what you are Jameson!” Mrs Jameson raised her voice, it only made matters worse. “Oh really, and this is what it’s come to...? A poor wife begging for mercy...” Mr Jameson spoke in a majestic voice; it had been a little strange at times. He twitched several times whilst speaking to his wife.

“O-Okay I’m an honest business man, and I’ve come to an agreement, whether you like it or not! I will be allowing Kevin as a worker, he is the perfect ant. He causes havoc for you dearly, and I gain a serious outcome thanks to you honey” Mr Jameson said with an evil grin on his face. Before leaving her outside in the dark, he planted a kiss of death on her cheek. Mrs Jameson expected more than a kiss, and she received the perfect job in Mr Jameson’s opinion.

“A-Ants, we’re just Ants to you are we?!” Mrs Jameson screamed her question was ignored by her husband. Poor Mrs Jameson had been dragged on her heels to an imprisonment Mr Jameson worked on as the Manager. “That cell is what you need all along!” Mr Jameson shouted loudly, it had been enough for Mrs Jameson to hear, she sighed knowing that she married a jerk.

Back on the third floor it was more of an emotional moment of complete silence. “Alex, Alex come on... You can do this Alex, just get up on your feet, come on” Mr Roberts lent his support for a fragile Alex, she felt vulnerable. She felt as if someone was about to push her off the edge. “S-Stand b-back” Alex made a command, her left eye twitched from the slightest movement from Mr Roberts.

“Jones... Where’s Jones, Where is Jones?!” Alex screamed, she wanted someone called Jones. The only person who had stood up with her before was a boy. Whether his is Jones, it never really occurred to Mr Roberts. He focussed on Alex’s eyes, he wanted her to survive, and this was the best way of saving her? Of course not, anyone would have just stood up and pulled her off the ledge.

“G-Get off me, Get off me!” The boy screamed he had awoken to find himself held back by ten workers. “A-Alex” The boy cried for help, Alex stood tall looking down at their upset faces. “Back off... as you wish” Alex whispered to her hand, stepping back letting go of the barrier. Mr Roberts stood there stunned watching Alex fall gradually. The boy tried to dive after her; instead he was knocked back into a coma by Mr Roberts punch.

Five hours had passed again, and this time Mr Roberts had to face his boss. He had to talk to his Manager about the incident, whether he was in trouble for such helplessness, it was all down to his boss’s decision. He could easily throw Mr Roberts out on the streets with nothing left. It would certainly be devastation for him, and this just pushed Mr Roberts a few steps further back.

“Mr Roberts, Welcome to my office. Now, I’ve heard that on our third floor, you were held responsible to save some... boy”, “That is correct Sir, a young boy stood on the ledge”, “Ha-ha, Ha-ha, what’s his name...?” The question came out of nowhere; it was as if Mr Jameson had gone mad. “N-Name... Sir, I didn’t catch the name Sir...” Mr Roberts replied he had felt more intimidated by such difficult questions; he wasn’t sure whether they were possible to answer.

“The name of the boy, ha-ha... I’d laugh twice if I had to, and then again I’d just laugh once...” Mr Jameson replied his smile became a little more twisted. “What’s so funny about this Sir? We’ve lost innocent worker, she had everything to live for!” “Really... and it wasn’t the boy huh?” Mr Jameson replied, his smile got greater, “It was a girl Sir... she died, she stepped back over the ledge” Mr Roberts tried to keep a straight face, yet the emotional side got to him. He shed several tears before leaving Mr Jameson’s office with sadness. “I don’t understand, why the boy hadn’t fallen?!”

Mr Jameson’s anger occurred more common than before, he seemed to lose patience easily too. “It’s not easy being in the big chair is it...?” Kevin walked into Mr Jameson’s office; his knuckle was bruised badly, his left eye slowly moving from the pain he is suffering. “Kevin, I thought you were going to wait, why you had to be idiotic?!” Mr Jameson shouted. He lowered his voice to talk some sense into Kevin. “I broke out of that stupid room, and I have nothing to show for it!” Kevin screamed and he felt more enraged with his life than ever before.

Kevin’s knuckle could wait, he ignored the pain. Draining the sorrow from around him, he managed to keep the strength of a warrior. “I’d call it black and white, one’s different and the other is the same...” Kevin mumbled his strange sentence made no sense sort of... It had a meaning, and Mr Jameson chose to ignore that meaning, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“One little push of a button Kevin and your whole future is gone... It’s so easy too, I could just make you forfeit, you’d press the button with no problems whatsoever, and for those other ants. They tend to work a little better than you Kevin, They would think before doing, something I suggest you look into...” Mr Jameson spoke in a calm voice, he placed his forehead on Kevin’s looking into his eyes violently, and it had been a warning to back off. Kevin never got the message.

“No one is pushing buttons Sir, the only buttons being pressed are mine, and your body is pushing my buttons... My shirt buttons!” Kevin shouted, he looked at Mr Jameson with despise. “Listen here kid, I’ve worked my life to pull off such a goal, and I’ve worked a legacy to keep this place running. And you’re telling me whose buttons I’m pressing!” Mr Jameson screamed, his voice sounded louder and much deeper than before. “Push that red button, and watch what happens...” Kevin replied.

“Is- that a threat I’m hearing son?!” Mr Jameson shouted again, only this time he pushed Kevin onto the seat behind him. “It’s more than a threat Mr Jameson, It’s something you better get use to” Kevin replied, his words never spoken so ferociously. He had a point too, Mr Jameson needs to back off from his workers, and I mean Ants. He needs to learn the true meaning of working hard.

“Attention all workers, I’d like to... whoa” Mr Jameson’s Executive Mistress tried to make an announcement, and was interrupted rudely by Mr Jameson. “I have an announcement... Ants, I’d like you all to take care of a friend or two, just someone I despise. Please come to my office to gain your reward” Mr Jameson spoke on his announcing microphone. He made more of threat than Kevin did, and this time he is taking no prisoners. He is allowing his own workers to destroy someone...

“Violence is not the answer, and you need to learn that boy” Mr Roberts spoke calmly; he tried reasoning with the poor boy who tried to jump off the ledge. “Hardly violence though, It was a bit of fun you know...? It had been a little less work than time it’s self” the boy replied, he then spoke out his real name. “My name is Cos’bon I’m the son of my father... Jameson”, the boy had been around seventeen years old, and he looked upset from Mr Robert’s way of calming someone down. “Cos’bon, and Jameson wanted you to...?” “What did he want me to do?”

“Never mind, why don’t you ask your father... I’m sure he’d explain the situation” Mr Roberts replied, he tried to keep calm. “I think that you know something Roberts, and my father is keeping secrets from me again?” “I don’t know what you don’t know, I just know something...” Mr Roberts continued he spoke the truth in a way of keeping it less understandable. “Understood, and I’ll go speak to him now, I’m sure he’ll mention something about me...” Cos’bon replied with a smile.

Mr Roberts stood up from his comfy seat to talk to the person waiting patiently outside his office. “You can come in now, just make sure you don’t speak to Cos’bon okay?” Mr Roberts replied he wanted to keep everything in control. He just wanted his workers to be proud and happy at the same time, it wasn’t asking for too much. He just wanted to feel like the boss of a good organisation.

“H-Hello Roberts, my name is Bella; I intend to make a difference to this place. Nice eyes by the way” the female figure, she looked beautiful, and her name was Bella. A name that Mr Roberts could relate to, his mother was named Bella, until she changed it to Angelica for some strange reason. “Pleased to meet you Bella and you are looking lovely today may I add, and I can’t stress the fact that you shouldn’t really be complementing me” Mr Roberts replied with a smile.

“O-Oh really, and why not Sir, You look great in that casual costume, it’s really fitting in a way” Bella whispered, she kept her voice at a low tone. Her long curved legs slowly moving towards Mr Robert’s Kneecaps, she giggled a little and gazed into Mr Roberts’s eyes. “Aren’t you married Sir?” She said with a slight smirk, Mr Roberts felt uncomfortable with Bella’s attitude and actions; he called his own security to deal with her. “Sorry Miss, I just can’t stand people like you...” Mr Roberts replied, “I feel the same way! Kiss me” Bella screamed with glee, and Mr Roberts threw her off him.

“Sorry... It’s you not me” Mr Roberts replied with a smile, only to receive a slap from Bella. “You are so lucky I came onto you Sir, you’d have no-one anyway!” Bella screamed as she was dragged out of Mr Roberts’s office. Everything seemed in order once more, and Mr Roberts went back to writing out paperwork, filling in forms and burning old pictures of his son and daughter...


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