-Vision- Looking Through Darkness...

The Corporation run by an old friend of Mr Roberts, he had demoted himself and announced a new Manager to take over. Of course Mr Roberts felt as he was perfect for the role. And this promotion could have been given to just about any hard worker. Due to too much drama in the business, his old friend shut down the corporation. Only one person could save the businesses, and that one person is...?

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- Written By Luke J -

[Vortex Competition Entry]


2. The Loser Of The Chair

Chapter 2: The Loser of the Chair

It’s been like five hours now, and stills no break. Mr Roberts has been on and off mostly... he has been waiting patiently for Mrs Jameson to return, he wanted to explain to her why he wants to take on Kevin as a worker. Instead of Mrs Jameson turning up, Mr Jameson had arrived at the office to let Mr Roberts know something. “Robert, I’ve had enough of you messing with my wife. She is mine, and she is not yours”, his loud voice caused Mr Roberts to wake up more.

Thankfully after Mr Jameson did leave the office, Mrs Jameson turned up... late, and Mr Roberts asked her to sit down. “Sit down please; I’ve got to discuss this Kevin problem okay?” He asked kindly, trying not to lose his patience with her. “O-Okay, You have five minutes... starting now!” She shouted loudly, her voice rung Mr Roberts’s ears instantly, causing him to almost go deaf.

“F-Five minutes is all I need Mrs... Jameson, Erm...” he stumbled on his words. “Out with it please, I haven’t come here to hear a lecture...” She said causing Mr Roberts to feel more nervous. The sudden chance of movement would freak out Mr Roberts more, and sadly it did. Kevin busted through the office’s door, and raised his voice again...

“Kevin!” Mr Roberts shouted Mrs Jameson jumped to the side. “I-I’ve had enough of your games, Kelly is in fine hands. Not the bloody stale hands of a killer!” Kevin had shouted the truth about himself for once in his life, and Mr Roberts thought Kevin was delusional. Why would he think this? Mrs Jameson told him that Kevin suffers; he has issues with vision in his eyes.

“Kevin, calm down... just get back okay!” Mr Roberts tried to be reasonable with calmer voice. Sadly it didn’t go too well, when he had raised his voice for the safety of Mrs Jameson. “W-Wild animal am I...? Just a big joke to you eh, and what happens if you threaten a pussy cat?” Kevin said, losing concentration on why he really turned up to the office. Instead he clicked his knuckles, and slowly approached Mrs Jameson. “K-Kevin, just come on... calm down, and we’re here for you” Mrs Jameson didn’t know what to say, instead she mumbled random words.

The outbreak of Kevin’s behaviour was too much to bear for Mr Roberts. He didn’t want anyone getting hurt, and he felt a little bit of sympathy for poor Kevin. “I can see perfectly clear, and I don’t need you to teach me the ways of vision!” Kevin’s mind seemed more delusional; he then shouted something about vision. Obviously Mr Roberts was informed about this, and he still couldn’t bring himself to fire Kevin, he wanted to prove that Kevin is a good person to work with.

“Attention all workers, I would like to announce that Kevin will be leaving us soon” Mr Jameson announced a smaller speech than usual, he informed his workers about Kevin’s departure. “N-No no, I am not going back to the streets of hell, I will not leave this place for you!” Kevin screamed, pushing his hands on his head. He tried to block out all sound and noise, as he looked at Mr Roberts with a smirk. Fear had gotten the better of him, he felt feared by Mr Robert’s crippled smile.

Mrs Jameson jumped onto Kevin, holding him to the wall. “Kevin, I’d like you to leave this room, and then find somewhere else...” “But M...” Mr Roberts tried to interrupt. Unfortunately, Mrs Jameson was too attached to her job, she wanted Kevin to leave, and she felt more responsible for him than his own parents. Kevin’s parents aren’t to blame; his poor sight of vision has ruined his life...

“W-Would you just listen for a minute, I’m sure...” Mr Roberts was interrupted again, Mrs Jameson blocked out what Mr Roberts had to say. Instead, she dragged Kevin out of the room herself. “He is fragile... He is a person who serves a purpose to our business!” Mr Roberts shouted, as comforting as his words maybe to Kevin, Mrs Jameson still couldn’t resist the fact of getting rid of him.

The upset workers watched Kevin be dragged away, whilst another crisis had taken place on the third floor. “Sir, I hate to say this... but we have a problem” Kelly said, she had actually told Mr Roberts something useful, instead of the demands. “W-What is it Kelly?!” Mr Roberts shouted, asking with a very angry face. “N-Never mind, fine by me” Kelly replied, she stomped out of the hallway with a sick mood on her face. “Third Floor, Crisis...” Mrs Jameson informed Mr Roberts.

Dashing as fast as he could, he managed to reach the elevator. He had dodged many workers, and ignored any important conversations that may have interfered if he had stopped. Thankfully he managed to reach the third floor, and to what he saw next as more of a surprise than Kevin’s bad behaviour. “You better talk now Sir, I’m going to jump, and then... and then...” a teenage boy stood on the window ledge of the third floor, ten people were behind him watching in tears.

“And then... and then what? You’re just going to give up life...?” Mr Roberts asked, he tried a more subtle approach, it seemed to work. Although his approach didn’t ease too well with the boy on the ledge, “I’m going to jump, and then I’ll be back. It’s a simple, really simple way of gaining confidence” the boy shook up so much, he mumbled things Mr Roberts wish he hadn’t heard. “I’m doing it for Kelly, and then... and then, I’ll do it for you Sir” He went one step closer to the ledge.

Mr Roberts had taken small steps too, closer to the poor shook up boy. He wanted that teenager to be safe, He hates watching the worse come to worst, he has suffered that his whole life. Lost many friends and colleagues in the past, and he almost lost his respect for Miss Roberts back then too... “You jump and its game over, How about we both jump yeah?” Mr Roberts told a lie, he promised he’d jump with the boy. Instead, he used this as a way to comfort the boy’s confidence.

Behind Mr Roberts, the door had opened again. Slowly moving into the room was a female figure. Mr Roberts noticed the figure easily, he noticed her with an instant look. “Kelly!” Mr Roberts shouted, he had seen Kelly just enter the room, and he knew that only she would be able to calm this boy down. After all, he knew her apparently, and he said he was doing it for Kelly... “Sir, I am not standing anywhere near the danger zone, and I have work to do!” Kelly screamed, and ran towards the exit doors. Mr Roberts couldn’t really go after her; the ten workers aren’t going to help him...

“Sir, and if I go... w-with you, everything will be alright right? You can promise me this...?” The boy sopped, he just wanted to be reassured. He clearly went a little over the top with why he is choosing to do this. Apparently, there is certainly more to this, and Mr Roberts had another situation to keep in mind. “Y-You go over the edge, and it’s over... I’ve been over the edge, I’ve seen what happens” Mr Roberts told a lie, he spoke about his experience with his younger brother.

“I’m doing for her sir, for a true friend I love. Someone who wants me to do this” the boy stepped back; he looked as if he had almost lost his balance. Once Mr Roberts told the truth, the boy snapped out of the panic attack, and looked at Mr Roberts devastated face. “I didn’t do this for you, I did this for her... and now, I’m standing on the edge of a roof?!” The boy’s face looked more upset than before; he shook again, trying to keep hold of the barrier.

“Many have jumped, and many have died. I only know one person, who has survived a fall, and that one person could be you too, and I don’t want you to risk it... because he didn’t survive, he made it but he didn’t make it...” Mr Roberts told the truth, feeling a little nervous from each word he spoke. He actually started to shake a little too; the ten workers looked at the boy on the edge. They were still crying, until one of them went towards the teenage boy.

“Lies... Lies... and I know a lie when I hear one, Alex let’s go” The girl who walked towards the boy, she looked a little upset too. Instead of talking sense into him, she approached the edge with him. As the boy held out his hand, his short hair curved around his ears from the strong winds. “Alex, your name is Alex yes?” Mr Roberts asked, the female who chose to stand on the edge had a name Mr Roberts heard, and the boy’s still unknown to him.

“Sir, we’re going to live another time okay...? Alex, Alex are you okay...?” The boy struggled to keep his strength of standing on the edge. He held Alex’s hand, due to his lack of confidence, he shook once more and slightly lost his balance. Holding onto poor Alex’s hand, she wobbled enough to look down at the height she is facing. “Don’t look down... Don’t look down!” The boy shouted, as he threw himself inside. The confidence he had left drained quickly, causing him to fall inside thankfully.

Alex still looking down, it worried Mr Roberts more. “Alex!” Mr Roberts screamed, he stared at her, before going to help her, he asked his nine workers in the room to hold the boy still. “Keep a hold of him, and I’ll save her!” Mr Roberts dashed for the window; he had reached Alex’s edge. “Look at me Alex, Look at me and focus on me... okay?” Mr Roberts tried to keep Alex looking away from the edge; Alex turned her head slowly to face Mr Roberts. She held onto his left shoulder with a smile.

“Alex, Alex? Alex...?” Mr Roberts called her name three times, each time slowly fading into sadness. Alex had fainted from the sight of staring into Mr Roberts dreary eyes. Sadly it was a tragedy; she had rather fainted or lost control of her body. Mr Roberts watched her body slip away...

“No, No!” The nine workers shouted Mr Roberts stared at Alex’s lifeless body. It just laid there on the edge, looking down into a pit of sorrow. Meanwhile, downstairs Mrs Jameson struggled to talk sense into Kevin. “Y-You throw a brick at me, and then what. The power of your job falls on you, ha-ha you!” Kevin spoke in a violent manner, his voice slowly boiling into an angry sea of lava.

“K-Kevin, once you’ve conquered the fear of your visions, you will see that this world is better”, Mrs Jameson tried to reassure Kevin’s self of steam. “Then w-what...? Just a break wind can destroy you” Kevin spoke in a more violent manner, still no reason to why he is reacting so cold blooded. Mrs Jameson made a dangerous risk, and attempted to lock Kevin inside a room.

“It’s for your own good... Kevin, and once I’ve dealt with you, Mr Jameson can talk some sense into you” Mrs Jameson mumbled, locking the door tightly. She then dashed towards Mr Jameson’s office on the top floor, soon to be stopped on her heels by no other than... Mr Jameson’s bodyguard, she gulped whilst trying to keep her mouth open before slipping into more of a mess.

“What do you want, huh?” The bodyguard asked calmly, his voice sounded serious though. Mrs Jameson stepped back a step trying to explain why she needs to pass. “Oh... Mrs Jameson, I’m sorry – please just don’t... forget it” the bodyguard failed to apologize, and Mrs Jameson walked past with him a smile. Although her smile looked normal, it had actually been a cheeky smile...

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