-Vision- Looking Through Darkness...

The Corporation run by an old friend of Mr Roberts, he had demoted himself and announced a new Manager to take over. Of course Mr Roberts felt as he was perfect for the role. And this promotion could have been given to just about any hard worker. Due to too much drama in the business, his old friend shut down the corporation. Only one person could save the businesses, and that one person is...?

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- Written By Luke J -

[Vortex Competition Entry]


6. The Boss Who Navigates through People’s Hearts

Chapter 6: The Boss Who Navigates through People’s Hearts

The following morning… the day that Mr Roberts wish would disappear became a true nightmare to his memories and his own life. “Wake up dad!” His daughter screamed, she was full of sugar from midnight party she had been keeping a secret from her own dad. “W-What…” Mr Roberts groaned, he felt so sleepy. “It’s time to get up. I’ve packed your lunch today for you” she smiled, nothing like a daughter’s smile to begin your day at work. “Just get off me please… daddies tired” he mumbled. Mr Roberts felt a little overwhelmed from his daughter’s hard effort of making him his packed lunch.

The bedroom was full of empty cartons. Black and a mix of purple liquid dripping from the soggy walls. Mr Roberts ignored the state of the room, and his daughter escorted him out as quickly as possible. Her attempt to keep her father’s eyes shut through his own house kept tensions high. He laughed a little, and she pushed him towards the stairs. “Downstairs… your packed lunch is downstairs!” She screamed, too much pressure had been building up for her life. His son however had not been seen throughout the entire night; including the entire morning so far. Hiding behind a narrow wall was one of his daughter’s ex-boyfriends.

Lucky for her, Mr Roberts still hadn’t woken up properly. He slowly went down the creaky stairs, patting the wall with both of his shaken up hands. Escorting himself down the stairs is not what he had in mind. He was expecting his own daughter to help him out a little, due to her little secret. She kept it away from him, and made sure that her father would not find out about the next party too. A slight smirk formed on her face as she watched her dad walk down the stairs with no clue which direction is which. The ex-boyfriend still hiding behind the narrow wall revealed himself to her.

“I’m out of here, didn’t know that your dad would be back so soon…” he replied. He just couldn’t take the thought of getting into trouble with his own parents. As misunderstood as Mr Roberts daughter is. She thought he was leaving because he never wanted to get his ex-girlfriend into trouble. This formed a small relationship for her and him. Only the problem was… that she loved him more than he loved her. Mr Roberts had finally reached downstairs, and he barely made it to the kitchen with his eyes still stuck closed. After realising that breakfast is laid out on the table, he opened his eyes as quickly as a cheetah. His eyes had seen heaven, glorious food once more.

Spread out across the deluxe wooden table was a big table cloth. The colour wasn’t really important, it had been white with a pattern that a girl would die for. Upon the table cloth was four plates of delicious looking food. Warm grilled bacon, the steam made Mr Roberts forget about work. Two boiled runny eggs forming a puddles of yolk on the edge of the plates. Sticky toffee fudge pudding rested on the mantel piece. It looked too good to be true, and it certainly wasn’t. Mr Roberts only wished that his daughter would join him at the table. He wanted to thank her for this, she had never been so helpful in all of his experience of being a great father.

“Do you think-“Mr Roberts whispered. He had been rudely interrupted by his son Kevin who had returned home late. “Hey dad, been out a little. Just chilling” Kevin whispered. Mr Roberts looked at his son with disgust. “I don’t think I want you returning so late son…” He didn’t know what to say, he sounded awkward and sick of being homesick. How can you be homesick if you are at home? Well I guess Mr Roberts missed his real home… missing the parents he lived with, and missing his old stuff. “Dad, I’ve told the truth.” Kevin replied, this had been shocking for Kevin’s father to hear. “G-Good job son… you make me proud, Y-you really do.” Mr Roberts replied with a put on smile.


After 2 hours had passed, Mr Roberts noticed that his son is more of an embarrassment. He often wondered where his son really is. Is he on Earth or just a far out of reach planet. It never really made sense, and even now Mr Roberts couldn’t accept the fact he has a son. “Y-you were a mistake…” Mr Roberts realised something, he whispered a haunting sentence into his sweaty palms. Kevin ignored his little whisper, and he most likely wished he did hear what his father had to say. Due to work being so early, Mr Roberts left the room, and headed outside for his talk with Mr Jameson. Obviously he didn’t feel too great about going to work, and his daughter had changed his mood.

The outside’s cool air kept Mr Roberts feeling a little refreshed. Most of the sweat had softened into a sticky moisture, and lead to Mr Roberts having to use the corporation’s showers. Finally arriving at his work place, he wanted to know whether Nurse Cranberry still had second thoughts. Slowly moving with the sudden thought of losing his son, it alerted him on why his a terrible father. Without his old wife… and stuck with a girlfriend that he can’t love the same way she can. It left him with other options, it reminded him of why he needs to end the relationship.

“Mr Roberts… huh, what are you doing here so early?” Nurse Cranberry sighed. Resting against the smooth walls, Mr Roberts felt like it had been his fault. Instead of saying something nice to her, he ended up with saying absolutely nothing. Due to his stupid little brain reminding him of why he needs to stop seeing his girlfriend. He has a family of his own, and he needs to realise it. “If you are worried about, you know-“Nurse Cranberry whispered with a sudden hand motion. “Worried… I’m not worried, and I will kill anyone who says I am!” Mr Roberts busted out a random spiral of anger.

“Ha-ha… let out that anger, I’m sure it will remind you-“Nurse Cranberry bravely spoke back to him. Her smooth black high heels pivoted back to face the open window. Small amounts of calm ambience hovered around them. “R-Remind me of what…?” Mr Roberts replied with a grouchy voice. “Don’t get smart with me, I’m asking you out on a date, okay?” She whispered, her cheeks became rosy in just under a second. Mr Roberts could feel a little closer to her, and she actually wanted a relationship now? It seemed like a strange change… and Mr Roberts accepted her offer.

Holding out her small hands in front of herself. Nurse Cranberry made an offer to her crush. “I’d like you to come with me…” she whispered, her voice sounded so calm. Mr Roberts felt a little romance breaking through the anger he had been holding back. As he raised his left brow, she grabbed him by the right hand and flirted with him. “C-Come on, I won’t bite” she mumbled, and Mr Roberts smiled. Now taking her hand, she escorted him inside his office. “W-Where did you-“Mr Roberts was interrupted. His question seemed important to him. “Never mind that” she whispered, and closed the office door slowly, it had creaked a little but nothing too loudly. Mr Roberts felt exhausted.

Now both standing inside his own office, He wondered why she was doing this. “W-Why are you so afraid?” Nurse Cranberry asked, her horrified look made Mr Roberts feel guilty. “A-Afraid…?” He mumbled, “Who me?” Nurse Cranberry looked disappointed. “I thought this is what you wanted” she asked with a tear forming on her left eye. The dark purple eye liner mixed with a tear, drooling down her upset face. “I-I’m sorry…” Mr Roberts gasped, he wanted to break up with her so quickly? “G-Go…” She replied, her smile looked unwillingly possible. She wanted to say something more, and the fact he walked out on her made her sulk. She felt distraught and guiltier than ever before.

Slowly closing his office door, he mumbled to himself. “She wants… and this what she gets.” It had been a shocking morning for Nurse Cranberry, Mr Jameson had finally arrived. The walls all looked the same once again, and the blame had been put on Mr Roberts so hurtfully. Mr Jameson stepped into the darkness behind the office. He observed Mr Roberts efforts from across the room, “His working harder than before… hmm,” he wondered. Who is to blame though? 

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