-Vision- Looking Through Darkness...

The Corporation run by an old friend of Mr Roberts, he had demoted himself and announced a new Manager to take over. Of course Mr Roberts felt as he was perfect for the role. And this promotion could have been given to just about any hard worker. Due to too much drama in the business, his old friend shut down the corporation. Only one person could save the businesses, and that one person is...?

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- Written By Luke J -

[Vortex Competition Entry]


4. The Boss of the Empire

Chapter 4: The Boss of the Empire

“You’ve run much business’s Mr Jameson. I’d be a fool to take over them, and that’s not all” A wise man said, Mr Roberts’ laughed at the conversation in the other room. It had been a joke really; Mr Jameson uses many ways to trick his ants. He uses them as prey, and will cause them to go loony thanks to his power he holds. The power of being a boss of course, it’s the power that made this man who he is. And that’s not the only power he holds, and it won’t be the last either...

The walls needed dusting; many of the workers cleaned up the walls dusted zones, and tidied the trash covering the halls. The broken down fax machines piled more choirs to be done, it piled more work to be done too. Not only had the weather been causing problems for the staff, it made Mr Jameson feel smarter. He used the funds to buy air conditioners for some of his ants. Thankfully Mr Roberts’ had been given the opportunity to decide who gets an air conditioner and who melts.

“E-Everyone deserves one, they have worked truly hard” Mr Roberts’ replied with a smile. Mr Jameson could not believe what he was hearing; he couldn’t understand the values of why they all deserve one. “Ha-ha you slay me sir, you really slay me. And that’s what I like about you, you’re weak to many staff and employee’s ha-ha” Mr Jameson spoke in a low tone, his sarcastic way made Mr Roberts’ believe in his idea, and Mr Jameson had his two fingers crossed with smirk on his face.

“If I paid out all our funds, do you have any idea what may happen? Our entire business... I mean my entire business will go out the window ha-ha” Mr Jameson laughed, and then continued writing his plans for the corporation’s. Mr Roberts’ ignored the gesture Mr Jameson made; he tried to focus on what had been more important. Workers dying from dehydration the final breath of the workers, speaking their last words; it would be a shame, and Mr Jameson didn’t care one bit.

“How about I lose my raise you were going to give me, and let our workers drink more water” Mr Roberts’ kindly asked. Mr Jameson laughed again, and ignored the demand for a raise. Mr Jameson’s chin moved slightly to the left as he stood over a feared Mr Roberts. The squinted eyes on a fearless face of a king, Mr Jameson looked a little too professional to become a king. If that made any sense, Mr Roberts would have asked to be fired. “I’d love to chit chat and mostly talk about why I hate you so dearly... Yet my little ant friend, I can’t build a nest with you causing problems and disruptions!” Mr Jameson screamed loudly, his lungs must have felt closed in from the force of his voice.

Before leaving with a walk of shame, Mr Roberts had a second way of talking some sense into Mr Jameson. “I’ll do all the work you can’t do for a month” Mr Roberts said with a smile, he felt smarter than his own boss. Although it came crashing down on earth to him once he had realised that Mr Jameson is always one step ahead of any bad situation. “Just leave... I-I’ll let you drink a beer for a week, although I want two sips a day as a payment to my services” Mr Jameson implied, laughing at Mr Roberts as he walked shamelessly down towards the exit doors.

More interviews had been stocking up at the office of Mr Roberts. Still walking shamelessly down the corridors, he stopped in his tracks. The look on his face deprived him from any good news, until he had focused his mind on what’s more important... his own staff, he needs to pay them wages. Mr Jameson made this clear to him from the beginning of his promotion. Although, the boss of this corporation is a little loony, it would be only a matter of time for this leader to let them all down.

Back at his own office, Mr Roberts realised that the interviews are going to take more time than he had fight thought. “It’s a privilege to meet you S-Sir” muttered an ex employee. She giggled at Mr Roberts scrunched up face, it looked as if Mr Roberts needed to sleep more. His eyes became sorer as he focused all his brain energy on one thing. How we was going to deal with a hungry leader, and put his work aside for his family. It made more problems and more risks than anything he had experienced before. These were hazards in his life, obstacles that can’t be over taken.

The ex employee gently tapped Mr Roberts on his left shoulder, her smile smeared across her face. She looked perfect in many ways, and only Mr Jameson would fall for someone this perfect. Mr Roberts gave her a smile in return for a small lunch outside his office. She didn’t accept instantly, she made an offer he couldn’t refuse. This offer kept management for him a little on the easier side. “I’ll take you out for lunch, and then you pay me my wages... the wages that crooked boss owes me!” She screamed, this ex employee had hidden her emotions deep beneath all those beautiful looks.

“I make the rules for my staff... and I-I expect you to follow them.” Mr Roberts muttered, he started to show a little bravery at last. She waved her index finger in a circle, “It’s not what you want... It’s what I want that counts. Mr Jameson has always been there for us workers, either way – I want my payment in full change, Forget notes... I’ll take your credit card if I must” she immediately made a threat... it was more of an offer than before, this offer can’t be turned down either. Mr Roberts felt stuffed in a corner, he felt suffocated from all the workers around him. “I need air!” He gasped.

Launching drastically for a near-by window he spewed out noxious breaths. “I’m sorry, okay... I just need time to think, just a little time to pace myself.” Poor Mr Roberts thrown out of his own office by an ex employee, the stress had been too much to take on. His current state left him with no choice, and caused his left eye to go bloodshot with no sudden warning. A dreadful day for this dull looking place, Mr Jameson cleansed the offices to make sure there is no more bickering.

After finally getting a grip, he wiped the boiled sweat from his doubtful face. Looking down at the many vehicles that cross-road each other, inspiration gave birth... it had given birth to a new idea for Mr Roberts, a way to pay his angry boss. To solve the many problems that his work is having less stressful perhaps and this is what he ends up with? Shameful... regret and hatred, all these emotions mixed together to erupt an innocent Mr Roberts brain, his mind had urged to continue with a disastrous plan succeeded to fail. It could have a side effect of creating a better work place.

Feeling left out and gutted, the ex employee stepped out of the office. “I’ll be taking the funds tomorrow morning, and if you can’t make the money by then, I will sell you as a butler to my little antique father” she said, her voice sounded a little slippery. Her long brown hair looked rich and polished. As if she had created some kind of shining technique to look glamorous. Mr Roberts looked past all the beauty she showed, and reminded him of paying her the debts.

“Excuse m-me sir... I’ve stumbled upon your office, and I would like a raise!” An angry male worker shouted, he felt enraged with anger after hearing of promotions to a girl who don’t deserve it. He thought he had earned a living, and demanded a raise as soon as possible. “C-Calm down sir” Mr Roberts shouted, his voice echoed through the halls. Mr Jameson’s face fell to the side as he smashed his lower lip off the edge of his desk. It may have been painful, and he certainly deserved it. The misunderstood Mr Roberts figured that his job is no longer saint to him.

Thankfully, Mr Jameson had been slightly generous. Allowing all the workers to take a ten minute break, and to have a little something to eat and drink. The chairs screeched against the marble floor, causing pain in many of the worker’s ears. Mr Roberts looked down at his laces; he had been a little tied up lately with the work that is due... “That cash isn’t going to flow... and I’d be damned-“the ex employee whispered. Rudely interrupted by her colleague Sammy, it had been an honour to talk a little. “It’s all up hill for me, and I’ll be taking that cash tomorrow-“the ex employee made her demand negatively. With tons of haste and anger in enraged in her voice, she wanted her commands to be set right. Ultimately leading to her giving a job to Mr Roberts, “You can be my little slave worker” she bit the end of her bottom lip, and walked off with a giggle.

“S-Some job... I’d rather tidy up the lunch room, and take care of your duties elsewhere” Mr Roberts replied. His reply sounded negative too, it certainly enraged ex employee even further to furious. “Snap, snap. Sammy you can pay me now, I’ve waited here long enough...” the ex employee said with a majestic voice, her long brown hair flowed against Mr Roberts’s sweaty neck. “O-Okay, I’ll have the money by-“once the poor Sammy had been interrupted by the ex employee who finally named herself to them. “My name is Anna, and I want this done the way I want it...” she insisted – slowly twisting her sentence into a line of threats. It had been a little late for making trouble...

Sitting away from Mr Roberts was a smaller female figure, she looked disgusted. “I’d rather have this bun instead of making sandwiches for those two...!” The female screamed, obviously she needed a little advice to soothe her tantrum. Being as nice as Mr Roberts should be, he decided to sit near her making an effort to get to know his workers. “H-Hello, my name is Robert. And I would like to talk to you in my office” Mr Roberts said with a slight smile on his face. He tried to be friendly, and this seems to be the second time his tried it. “I-I’d love too, and I can’t stay here much longer-“the female whispered, her pale thin arms lowered near her chest.

“Oh really...?” Mr Roberts replied. “Yes, and I would appreciate it if you would be so noble to resist the many faces I pull. They are to scare off winnable wizards like yourself.” She replied with a tantrum still developing further. “You wouldn’t scare me off... not even if those faces were masks!” Mr Roberts laughed; it had been a friendly joke to cheer up her. Mr Roberts’s laughs became a little irresistible to this girl’s heart. “Well... I guess, and if these were masks – you’d be sorry you said that” she replied with a cheeky smile. Her short blonde hair waved to the side of her left cheek.

“My name is Emily... and I would appreciate the offer to share lunch with you” she replied. Mr Roberts smiled back keeping the friendly act up. It had all been so great after-all, and Mr Jameson would be the only one to steal the prize for worst boss ever. Due to the countless losses of his ants, he decided to throw in more taxes, and design a bullet proof plan. A plan that would take Mr Robert’s fortune away mostly and that fortune is the richness of a girl’s heart.

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