-Vision- Looking Through Darkness...

The Corporation run by an old friend of Mr Roberts, he had demoted himself and announced a new Manager to take over. Of course Mr Roberts felt as he was perfect for the role. And this promotion could have been given to just about any hard worker. Due to too much drama in the business, his old friend shut down the corporation. Only one person could save the businesses, and that one person is...?

- Keep Reading to find out more! -

- Written By Luke J -

[Vortex Competition Entry]


1. The Boss of the Chair

Chapter 1: The Boss of the Chair

What started off as a normal day for some, ended in tragedy for many... the real problem that has occurred is that Mr Roberts manager demoted himself leaving someone else to take the crown? Of course technically it was no crown, it was just a promotion in order to keep running businesses. Most of the workers thought that it would be Mr Roberts; he was the perfect fitting role for manager. Until someone else stood up and presented the best presentation to what they’ve seen in the past. Mr Jameson L, he had taken the place. “It’s what we do, and what we love!”

“Attention all workers, I am personally thanking all of you for allowing me to take this role”, Jameson stated with a deep voice. The loud speakers caused vibrations through Mr Roberts’s ear drums. It had only been fair to let Jameson take the place.

Once Jameson had finished his super long speech, it had occurred to Mr Roberts that he may need to look for a new job. This was soon changed when Jameson announced his staff list, “I would like Mr Roberts to... Okay, let me just wipe this tear” – The audience soon felt sorry for him and actually believed his fake tear being real? Jameson then announced his staff, “Mr Roberts, I’d like you to just come up here and talk to your employees!” Jameson shouted his anger soon rose...

Slowly and carefully, Mr Roberts walked to the stage wondering whether he has a good role. “A-Attention workers, I am pleased to announce that I am your new... erm, I mean brand new Ex Manager!” Mr Roberts shouted loudly, he had been proud to say what he wanted to say. Jameson clapped sarcastically, mocking Mr Roberts’s smaller speech and soon embarrassed him.

“Thank-you Mr Roberts, you certainly have less of a mouthful to keep my business running though, ha-ha”, Mr Roberts smiled and felt bad inside, and everyone else listening laughed at Jameson’s unfunny joke, although it was more of a bullying comment than anything else...

“Do you think that it’s me?” Mr Robert asked Miss Roberts, his girlfriend. They managed to find love in the past, and to this day Mr Roberts has been proud of what he has established. The only thing that lays on his mind is the fact he hasn’t married his girlfriend. Although they haven’t married each other, Miss Roberts’s real name still remains a secret to Mr Roberts. She named herself Miss Roberts as soon as she met him, she had fallen onto her heels for Mr Roberts and the smile of an angel rose.

Miss Roberts skid underneath Mr Roberts with her face blushing slightly. Jameson announced the reopening of the corporations and then laughed frantically. Mr Roberts’s job remained on the scale of whether he wants to stay or not to stay. It had been a big decision, and required full brain power to decide whether this is what he wants. Miss Roberts on the other hand wanted Mr Roberts to leave the corporations, and because Mr Roberts is a loving man, he failed to follow her wish.

“Sorry... but this job is my life, and this promotion could mean something for me, I mean –us...” Mr Roberts said with a smile, he accidentally tripped on his own slip up. Although Miss Roberts never heard that, she only picked up on the parts that she didn’t want to hear...

The large iron doors opened up slowly, glimpsing a small light that shined on Mr Roberts face. He smiled with glee, and soon took his role as Ex Manager. The workers on the other hand remained, and some new workers were employed to work for Mr Roberts. Everyone had gasped...

“Pleased to meet you erm... Mr Roberts, I’m sure that my style won’t affect you, he-he” a tall female said, she looked about the age of a teenager. Her height did over take Mr Roberts by a little, yet he didn’t seem to mind and welcomed her into his office with a smile. How friendly is this guy...? Many wondered, and Mr Roberts just closed the door whilst looking at his brand new expanded office.

Once Mr Roberts had seated himself, he offered his new female employee a drink. “Fancy a drink, it’s certainly a wonderful day to smile” Mr Roberts said, his voice was shallow and sounded great. His mood kept Jameson smiling, until Jameson had got bored with looking outside.

“S-Smile, Yeah I guess it is he-he and Mr... Roberts, you plan on keeping this role?” The female employee asked as she had left her smile outside apparently. “Ha-ha, well it’s a job isn’t it...?” Mr Roberts whispered, and then pushed himself back to his comfy chair.

“Never mind me, I’d rather hear what you have to say, erm... sorry what’s your name again?” Mr Roberts asked, he had stuttered from the simple fact he forgot her name. “He-he, well I’ve seen better and I guess you are a start” she remained focussed on Mr Roberts eyes.

Mr Roberts felt uncomfortable, and sent her out of the office to get to work. The fact she gazed into his eyes made him blush inside; he even felt the need to go after her. Instead though, he remained seated in his big boss chair. Jameson would mock the chair, and just call it the middle class chair. Unless he felt more jealous or meaner, he would just call it the “Baby seat” and laugh...

After several hours of doing paperwork and employing new workers, he had gotten tired easily. Mr Roberts slowly lifted his head with ease. Carefully minding his back against the chair, he didn’t want to have too much pain of his first day of being in control. It was like a dream come true, so he didn’t want to sleep in-case it was just a dream. The simple vision of him being seated on the big boss chair is just another dream not coming true...

A few knocks were then heard, someone had knocked on Mr Robert’s door. He changed the position he was in quickly, and rose up from his seat to let the person inside. “H-Hello Mr... Roberts, My name is Kelly. I don’t tend to work for just anyone, so I hope my orders are followed”, Kelly huh? This female figure stood tall, although she wasn’t as tall as Mr Roberts. She looked him in the eyes and made her rules clear. Mr Roberts did not like her attitude one bit...

“A-Alright, and who is that behind you?” Mr Roberts pointed nervously, behind Kelly stood a taller male. It looked as if he could be her father, and thankfully he had been mistaken. This taller male was no other than a new employee, Kevin... He welcomed Mr Roberts with a smirk on his face.

“Hello Sir, my name is Kevin. I do not plan to stay here too long, just until Kelly pictures me differently. However, I do plan on keeping high standards on your grounds, did you hear me?” Kevin stated clearly, although his warm welcome speech sounded more like a threat.

Kelly noticed Kevin instantly, and her reaction seemed a little odd. Mr Roberts knew something was up between her and Kevin, and he wanted to find out more about her and Kevin... “Just another loser who decided to stalk me Sir, I’d much rather follow my own orders though thanks” Kelly giggled, slamming the door behind her with a twisted smile on her face.

“Alright punk, I know maybe I haven’t seen eye to eye recently with you, and you seem like a very... very nice guy, I certainly can’t be held against you though can I, ha-ha” Kevin smirked once more, the attitude Kevin had seemed more unbearable than Kelly’s. Mr Roberts asked Kevin kindly to leave the room; of course it was Mr Roberts’s office after-all.

Lunch break had arrived and a new member of the corporation had applied. Mr Roberts enjoyed the lunch had eaten, Wholemeal bread with small chicken strips. It tasted great in Mr Robert’s opinion. Waiting nervously and anxiously, poor Mr Roberts just wanted a longer break. Until the next employee arrived late, she entered Mr Roberts’s office without knocking and spoke...

“H-H-Hello Sir, Sorry I’m late Sir. I just arrived and I’m sort of... erm, late I guess”, this female sounded frightened, a little timid perhaps. Mr Roberts felt sorry for her; he even asked himself whether it was his fault why she reacted like this. “Late Miss, I think not... You’ve just turned up a little late okay?” Mr Roberts tried his best to calm her down; he understood why she’d act this way a little. “O-Okay Sir, I’ve got to go, just got to work and you know...?” The female ran out of the office, closing the door slowly whilst shaking.

Mr Roberts days of being the boss had just begun, and he felt exhausted from all this work.  Kelly and Kevin were his main concern, sadly he didn’t get the name of the timid female worker, and instead he felt as if Kevin had something to do with why she acted like this. Of course, it would be wrong to just accuse someone, although he had a deeper feeling that it was Kevin who did this...

“Great, another opportunity to just stand around and do nothing, why am I here?” Kevin asked, he had returned to Mr Roberts’s office, following instructions for once? Kevin’s attitude still hadn’t changed; he just wanted to treat people differently. “Y-You erm, you’re here because I want you to come clean” Mr Roberts said nervously. Kevin smirked again, and looked at a fragile Mr Roberts.

“C-Come clean...? Is that really why I’m here, and I stood up for my friends... and this is how you repay me?!” Kevin raised his voice in just a few seconds; he almost lashed out at Mr Roberts, thankfully Jameson’s wife turned up to hold him back.

“G-Get off me...!” Kevin screamed, his anger had flown a different river, it seemed to of coursed a random outburst of anger. “C-Calm... down Kevin, and I’ll get you a drink of water” Mrs Jameson looked a little unhappy, she struggled to drag Kevin out of the office. Mr Roberts had taken a few seconds to understand what just happened; he then came up with a theory. “What if he had hit me?” Mr Roberts felt vulnerable to Kevin, he felt as if he had become easy prey.

Closing the door behind her, Mrs Jameson entered Mr Roberts’s office leaving Kevin outside. “Why are you doing this to yourself Roberts? Why are you just letting this boy walking all over you...?” She asked, and she had a point. It’s true that Mr Roberts could have done something to prevent Kevin from entering the corporations, and he was only to blame. Mrs Jameson flirted a little with Mr Roberts, she felt close to him. “I like to take risks... I guess” Mr Roberts replied, and Mrs Jameson wouldn’t believe that as a valid reason to why he is taking on Kevin as a worker.

Mrs Jameson left Mr Roberts to think about what he is doing, the flirting ended pretty quickly. Mr Roberts didn’t feel close to her whatsoever, he just wanted her to tell him what his doing wrong. However all that didn’t go to plan; Mr Jameson would just allowed Kevin to enter. Mr Jameson only cared about one thing, and that one thing was soon to be known to everyone...

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