Adalaide moved to Huntington Beach, California when she was in third grade. She has been there ever since. Over the years she made three best friends two of them were brothers and live near them. Keaton, and Wesley. Drew lived all the way on the other side of the town, but was always at Keaton, and Wesley's house. They have been very close for a long time its been almost five years since they all met. Will they be leaving for a once in a lifetime chance? What curiosities could possibly change their friendship forever?


1. Curiousities



Adelaide's POV

I woke up to three boys jumping on my bed "Stop" I yelled. "But why?" Keaton kneeled down next to me.

I put my hand on his cheek for a second, then slapped it lightly "Because I said so, and i'm trying to sleep. Wes, Drew Stop!" I kicked their feet attemping to make them fall.

"Get up Addy!" Drew yelled. "No!" I snapped back.

"Mom why did you let them in!" I yelled.

"Deal with it!" She hollered back. She's always liked them.

"Ugh!" I mumbled, Then put the covers over my face for a second. I finally got tired of three annoying boys yelling at me. So I sat up.

"Fine you got me up! Are you happy?" I asked curiously.

"Yes yes I am." Keaton grinned. "Well good." I pushed him off the bed. While that was happening Drew and Wesley were in the kitchen eating the breakfast my Mom made.

I jumped up and ran to the kitchen leaving Keaton on the floor. "Don't eat it all!" I yelled smacking Drew's hand.

"Hey!" He yelled. "What you deserve it." I rolled my eyes sarcastically. "Wheres Keaty?" Wes asked. "Uhm I don't know." I walked back to my room. Keaton was sitting there with his head on his knees. "Are you okay Keaty?" I asked walking up to him. "Oh yeah of course im just a little tired." He said looking up at me. "Sure. now come eat." I grabbed his hand.

"Found him! I caught him sleeping on the job boys!" I yelled

"What sleeping on the job?" Drew asked in a serious tone. "What should we do about this Wes?"

"I don't know thats pretty bad sleeping while on the job." They both looked at eachother then looked at Keaton. "Oh no thats not nessasary guys." Keaton said stepping back. Drew and Wes both nodded their heads then tackled him on the ground.

I just laughed then walked over to my mom. "Oh how lucky i am to have three crazy boys as best friends huh?" I ask and laughed. "But of course. What was Keat doing in your room?" She looked at me. "He was sitting on the floor with his head on his knees." I looked up. "Thats not like him. I wander whats wrong. What do you think?"

"I really don't know. It's not like him."

I ran up to the boys. "Dont worry Keaton i'll save you." I grabbed his hand and helped him up. "He's had enough boys, Keaton come here." My mom told them. He walked over there. "Yeah?" He looked confused. "Are you okay? Is anything wrong?" She asked. "No nothing." He said smiling and walking away.

That's when the curiousities began.

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