Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


29. Surprise Visit

Nell's POV

We had decided on a name. Our little princess had gone 4 days with out a name. That's how long I had to stay in hospital for. Her name was Avery. It wasn't any of the names we picked because none of them really suited her. I was happy with the name and so was Niall. We were finally going home as well. We were allowed to go home whenever we wanted so we left as early as we could. At 9:30 we put Avery in her car seat. She was so tiny that the straps had to go on there tightest. She had gained weight and was big enough to go home as long as a nurse came to visit each week for the next 3 weeks. I was okay with that, as long as we could go home. Niall and I walked out of the hospital, trying not to get swamped with paparazzi and fan girls. Niall was holding Avery and I covering my face from the bright flashes. Avery was covered in a thin blanket and fast asleep. She was so precious. When we got home everyone was there with a big banner saying "It's a girl". Everyone rushed to help us out of the car. Niall got Avery and we all went inside. I sat down and the boys came and sat down on my lap. They talked about there school friends and how Perrie and Zayn had taken them to the park and to the movies to watch a new children's film. Everyone held Avery and told me how adorable she was. We we so lucky to have such a wonderful family. 


Niall's POV


Later that afternoon the boys were with Harry and Nell was asleep. Avery was awake so I was having a cuddle on the couch. She was so tiny, her head could fit into my hand. She was lying on my stomach and my hand rested on pretty much her entire body. We both fell asleep for a few hours and woke up to the door bell ringing. I woke up and carried Avery to the door. I opened the door and was surprised to see Katie and Jesse standing at the door with flowers and gifts for the baby. "Oh my god! Katie, Jesse. I wasn't expecting you!" I hugged them both and invited them in. "Is this your new edition" asked Katie softly touching her head. "Yes. Would you like to have a cuddle?"

"Of course" She sat down and I handed her the sleeping Avery. "She's so tiny, it's insane" I nodded and we talked for a little while until someone else came in. It was Harry. "Hey Niall, I just came over to.." He never finished his sentence. He realised  that Katie was sitting on our couch holding Avery. "Katie?" there was tears forming in his eyes. Katie got up and handed Avery to Jesse. "Harry, Hi"she said giving him a smile. Harry put his hand on his forehead and turned around. "I'm sorry but I can't act like every things okay" He walked to the door and left. I got up and chased him. "Harry" I yelled. He started his car and left. I walked back inside and Katie was standing there speechless. "I'm gonna go see him" she said snapping back to action. "Are you sure thats a good idea? He just said he didn't want to do it now" I said trying to stop my sister.

"I know but I dated Harry for nearly 5 years. I know how he is" we both backed off and let her be. Katie left and Jesse sat down and sighed. Avery woke up and Jesse touched her cheek. "Your very lucky to have Nell as your wife and three beautiful kids" said Jesse brushing her hand over Avery's face. "I know and I love them with all my heart" 

"Don't forget that" she said in a funny serious tone. I laughed. We talked about her life in Africa with Katie and how life had been here in London. At around 4:30 Avery started getting fussy so I went and woke Nell up so she could have a feed. Nell had to go to the toilet so I went back downstairs with Avery who was about to start screaming. I could feel it. As Nell was coming down the stairs Avery cracked. She started crying at the top of her lungs. "God! She does have a set of lungs on her" said Jesse. "Oh my god!! Jesse! What a nice surprise! What are you doing back?" 

"Well we had to come back to meet the newest member of our family" they chatted while I went and started to make dinner. It was 7 when the twins came home. Jesse left at 7:30 and we all sat down and had an actual family meal. It had been awhile since we had all been together. 


Nell's POV


When it was time for bed I told the twins a story and stayed with them until they both fell asleep. Niall was laying on our bed with Avery beside him watching TV. It was so cute. "So about going to Ireland for christmas" I said to Niall. 


"When do you want to go?" He jumped up and gave me a big kiss and hug. "Thank you Nell" He had really wanted to go to Ireland but I really wanted to go some where sunny. I missed the heat and the beach. But I decided that we should all go to Ireland. It took a while to put Avery to sleep but we finally got her down. Niall was on the laptop booking flights. He really was excited. "Okay we leave on the 3rd of December and stay until the 29th of December"

"Sounds great" I said snuggling into his neck. We fell asleep soon after.

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