Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


32. Skiing With The Boys

Niall's POV

Greg and I started heading out to the ski lodge and arrived there about 9. We rented some ski's and got on the chair lift. I sat with the boys and Greg sat with Theo. When we were up the mountain we took the kids to the beginners slope and helped them with their ski's and then we were off. After about an hour of trying and failing, Michael finally got up and rode down a tiny hill without falling."Woo Hoo!!! Way to go Michael" yelled Greg. I can't explain the look on Michaels face. It was priceless. At that moment Luke went to follow him but fell and tumbled down the hill. I rushed over to him to see if he was okay. He was crying and pointed to his wrist. "Where does it hurt Luke?" he still pointed to his wrist. I examined it. It looked fine and it didn't look like it was broken. I picked him up and we decided it was time for a break. Luke stopped crying when it was I brought him a strawberry milk. He sat happily for a little bit but when Michael asked him if he wanted to play. He refused and sat there holding his arm. I was a bit confused but shook it off. We stayed and skied for another 3 hours before we headed home. The boys were exhausted and Luke fell asleep 2 minutes into the trip. When we got home Luke ran into Nell and started crying again. "Mummy I hurt my arm" She held it and looked up at me. "Niall this looks broken. Did you not think to take hime to the doctors?" I looked at her speechless. Was she really getting mad at me? "It didn't look broken when I first looked at it" I said defending myself. "Well it definitely looks broken now" she said getting up and picking him up. She got Avery and wrapped her into her blanket. Put her into the car seat and got Luke, who was still crying . "Where are you going Nell?" I asked going up to her.

"Going to the hospital. We can't leave his arm broken" she said not looking up. She grabbed her bag, kissed Michael on the forehead and said goodbye to everyone. "Well atleast let me come with you" I said walking her to the door. 

"No Niall I need you too stay here with Michael, I will be fine. I can handle you being on tour, I can handle this" She kissed me on the cheek and got into the car and drove away.


Nell's POV


I couldn't believe him. He goes and takes the boys up the mountain, which i'm fine with, but when Luke seriously hurts himself he goes and continues skiing. What is wrong with him. I know everyone has his downfalls but i'm worried. When I got to the hospital I signed some papers and we sat down and waited. When our name was called we went into the doctors office and he examined Luke's arm. "Well your going to have to go for x-rays but I am 100% certain that it's broken" I nodded and said thank you. We went to the x-ray wing of the hospital and Luke had several x-ray's and it turns out his arm was broken in 2 spots, meaning he had to have surgery in order to have the bones moved back into place. After we found out I called Niall and he came down to the hospital immediately. "Hello" Niall said walking into Luke's private room. He was about to go into surgery and he wanted to see Niall before he went in. "DADDY" shouted Luke. He was pretty nervous and scared about the whole thing. Niall kissed him on the head. "How are you feeling little man?" he asked

"Sore" replied Luke. The doctor came in and introduced himself. "Hi i'm Doctor Sam. I will be performing the operation on Mr Luke Horan. Would he like one of his parents to accompany him in the operating room?" Niall and I looked at each other. "You go. I have to look after Avery" He nodded and went and put on some operating clothes. When everyone was ready I wished Luke good luck and squeezed his hand. He smiled and then they all disappeared. I went back to his room and waited for about 2 hours before they came back in. By this time it was nearly 10 o'clock at night and Avery was fast asleep. I stayed for a while but then decided to go home and come back first thing in the morning. Luke had to stay the night and Niall stayed here with him. I took Avery home and went straight to bed. Everyone was already in bed so I had to be very quite. 


The next morning Avery, Michael and I headed to the hospital to see Luke. When we got there he still wasn't awake so Niall took Michael to see the doctor. When he was gone Luke started to stir and then slowly his eyes opened. "Hey Baby! How are you feeling?" He looked at me and smiled. "My arm hurts"

"Ohh I know it does baby but dad's just gone to get the doctor so he will come and make you feel better" I pushed his hair out of his eyes "You stay here and watch Avery for me and I will go and find Dad" he nodded and I put Avery in a spot were Luke could see her and walked out. I found Niall in the hall with Michael and the doctor. "He's awake" I said to both of them. They nodded and followed me in. "Hi Luke how are you feeling?" Asked the doctor while checking his blood pressure and reflex's "Good. My arm hurts" The doctor nodded "We'll get you something for that. Other than that I think your all good to go home" I smiled and walked out with the doctor. "Heres a prescription for some drugs that will help with the pain and he will have to were that cast for about 6-8 weeks" I nodded and thanked him.


Niall's POV

While Nell was talking to the doctor I packed up Luke's things and got him dressed. Nell came back in. "We ready to go"

"Yes" She picked up Avery and we walked out. As we walked out I put my hand on her hip. She looked up and smiled. We hadn't been very friendly towards each other lately so I was trying to fix it. When we got to the Nell took Avery and I helped Luke. On the way home Nell and I talked quietly. "Look i'm sorry for yelling at you yesterday and getting mad at you like that but I have never had to do this and I was scared because what if he had of gotten seriously injured. What would you have done? Continued skiing?" 

"No of course not!" I said defending myself "In all honesty it truly did not look broken until later when we got home. I know it was scary but I have never had to do it either" I grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Nell I know you were scared but  I was as well. And we will have to go through this again, one time or another" she nodded and I kissed her hand again. "Please stop worrying about the tiniest things. Everyone goes through these things and survives"

"Yes but Niall, I don't like it when your away for months and I only get to see you every couple of weekends. It's scary when i'm doing it alone and sometimes I just think you don't understand. I had to give up my dreams for our family but you still get to live yours" she looked out the window and I could tell she was on the verge of tears. We arrived home before I could say anything and she got Avery and walked inside into our room. I got the boys out and put a movie on for them. I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. "Yes" said Nell, she was putting Avery down in the crib. I walked in and sat on the bed. "Look I know you had the twins before you had a chance to finish university and we got caught up in life so you didn't get to go back. I wish we could have life the way we want but we can't" she came over and sat on my lap. "I know and it's not your fault. I don't regret having the twins but I do regret not finishing university" She pushed my hair back and kissed my forehead. We hugged for a while and then walked back downstairs. 

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