Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


7. Paparazzi and Nannies

There has been a lot of paparazzi out the front of house for the past few weeks  wanting shots of Niall, I and the twins. It has gotten quite annoying. The twins are doing great, there both getting big and growing up so fast. Their staying awake for longer during the day and sleeping much better at night. Niall has to go back on tour in two week's s so were trying to find a nanny to help me. We have gone through some pretty weird interviews. People found that Niall and I were hiring so now all fans and paparazzi are trying to get the job. I feel sorry for Paul, he's been working over time for the past two weeks, trying to stop us from getting mobbed in our own front yard.

Today was a pretty hot day I decided to get in the pool and relax. I put the twins in their rockers by the pool and sat in the nice relaxing water. I had about 10 minutes in the pol by myself when the doorbell rang and both the twins we awakened and started to cry. I jumped out "shit" I quickly dried myself and picked up the twin's, trying to quiten them down. Niall was out so I had to answer the door. When I answered a kind lady was looking at me. "Hello, Sorry to inconvenience you but i'm Mrs Power here for my interview"

"Ohh shot yes sorry I forgot all about it" she looked annoyed. "come in and make yourself comfortable, I'm just gonna run up stairs and change." I quickly put the twins in their bassinets and bolted upstairs. While I was getting changed I called Niall "Hey gorgeous, I'm at the shops did you need anything?"

"No thanks Niall, but can you get home ASAP, there's a nanny here for an interview"

"Ohh I forgot sorry! I'lll be back home in about 5 minutes"

"Okay bye, Love you"

"Love you too" 

As soon as I was changed I headed downstairs.


"Sorry about that" I said a little ashamed. I picked up Luke who had started to stir and sat down with him. "Niall will be home in a minute, he's just at the shops" she just nodded and stared into space. Michael started to cry "Oh God" I said to myself

"Here let me" said Mrs Power as she got up and received Michael. Almost straight away Michael stopped crying and Niall came home.

"Okay so we just have some routine questions we'd like to ask you" Niall said, Mrs Power nodded.

"How many years have you been in the childcare business?" 

"13" Mrs Power answered quickly

"How old was the youngest child you have ever cared for?"

"Two weeks old" Niall and I nodded 

"Have you ever, or will you ever take drugs?"

"No never" 

"Thank you Mrs Power, If we're interested Paul will be in touch"

"Thank you very much for the interview, Good Bye"

"Good Bye" we both said


Later that night when me and Niall were changing the boys we had a discussion about who too choose.

"I think Mrs Power is an excellent chose, she has more experience than all of the others. I know she sounded a bit strict, but maybe that's a good thing." I said

"Yea I agree, Harry was trying to get me to pick the hot one, but I he would break her heart in a week." Niall replied

"You think she's hot??" I said pretending to look hurt, Niall came rushing over and hugged me

"Not as hot as my girlfriend though." I turned and winked at him. We put the boys to bed and went to bed ourselves. We were exhausted.   

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