Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


21. First Day At Work

Nell's POV


It had been a week since Niall and I's honeymoon and I was ready to go to my first day at work. That morning I woke up early and had a shower. I got dressed in some new work clothes and put my hair up neatly. I was so nervous. I went down stairs were Niall was feeding the twins some baby food. They were finally of breast feeding and on to formula and baby food. Thank the Lord!! "Morning Babe" I said kissing Niall on the cheek

"Good Morning" I smiled and made my self some tea. I sat down and picked up Luke. They were getting so big. In one and a half months they'll be one year old. It's crazy. Niall was staying at home to look after the boys while I went to work. It was going to be tricky because the boy's were starting to stand up and hold on to things. They weren't walking but were crawling around and breaking things. He was gonna have some fun today. After I said goodbye and gathered all my things. I drove to the radio station and got ready to meet everyone.


Niall's POV


When Nell left everything turned to hell. Luke started crying and then Michael shortly followed. I picked Michael up and went upstairs to there room. I picked out some clothes and went back downstairs. I did the same for Luke and then took them both into the bathroom. I gave them a bath and then got them dressed. I then put them in their play pen and then I had a really quick shower and got dressed. When I came back downstairs Michael was standing yelling out for me. Luke was still sitting down playing with his toys. After about two hours of yelling and screaming from the boys, I finally got some peace and quiet when they had there naps. I did some house work. When the twins woke up, Louis came over and we played some FIFA. The twins played with their toys and after we all had some lunch. Louis helped me with twins and after he went home we all had a lie down and watched A Bugs Life. At around 5:00 I started some dinner and at about 5:30 Nell came home from work.


Nell's POV


My first day at work was extremely busy. I was getting hang of everything but was still a bit confused about it. I was glad to come home to a clean house, tidy children, dinner cooking and my amazing husband. After dinner I played with the twins for a little bit and then put them to bed. I then had a shower and me and Niall snuggled up in our warm, comfy bed and watched some "How I Met Your Mother". I fell asleep around 10 and the last thing I was aware of, was when Niall kissed me good night on the fore head. It was a good first day.

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