Stay With Me Forever

The sequel to Stay With Me. Nell moved back to London and is expecting. Niall is back on tour and Nell has to find a job. Will Nell and Niall get married? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Find out in Stay With Me Forever.


13. A Day At The Park

Niall's POV


When we reached the park we found a nice shady area and relaxed for a few hours. Nell and I snuggled up and fell asleep from about 10:30 to 12:30. When we woke up Liam and Danielle had taken the twins to see the ducks, Zayn and Perrie were taking a walk and Harry, Katie, Jesse and Louis had hired canoes. It was very peaceful. At about 1:00 everyone came back and we had some lunch. After lunch Nell and I took the twins for a walk around the park.


Nell's POV

Me and Niall walked through the park with Niall pushing the twins. We were just enjoying the quietness and scenery. "So when do you guys have to go back?" I asked sadly

"Late Monday night"

"Ohh" It was only Saturday, but Monday would come before you know it.

"Don't be sad! Only 1 and a half months until we're home for real" Niall said trying to cheer me up

"Yea until the next time you leave for a tour"

"Aww. Don't worry, we have ages until then"

"Yea but, I will still miss you"

"Yea so will I" He said stopping and kissing me. I kissed him back thinking to myself, I never wanted this moment to end. We walked on and Niall asked me to hold on to the twins. I walked on and Niall stopped for a minute, I think to tie his shoelace. "Nell" I turned to see Niall kneeling down.

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