Paulxandra Higgins is named after her father, Paul Higgins. He had left her and her mother when she was two. Paulie remembers nothing about her dad, but has gotten over it. When she meets him again, will she forgive and forget or do anything to make him mad?


1. Prologue: Left

The only thing I remember about my father is the day he left. Not what he looked like but how he acted and spoke


His name was Paul Higgins.

My mother, sadly named me after him, Paulxandra. That was probably the most hideous name in the world. So, I just had everyone call me Paulie. That name was so much better. And it was a real name.


The day my dad left, I had turned two last week.

He came barging into the house screaming at my mother, "Come here you little whore!"

I flinched and stayed hidden in the corner of my bed. "Pauly? Is something wrong?" My mother weakly asked from my room


My father came into the room and grabbed her by the hair, pushing her up into the wall, "You cheated bitch." My mom shook her head, "No I didn't Paul. I would never."

"Kevin told me Cheryl. There's no hiding it. I know."


"He lied to you Pauly." She pleaded with her eyes

He slapped her hard across the face, "Never say my friends are liars."

Paul slowly put my mother down and backed up towards the door, "I'm leaving you Cheryl."

"You can't. What about her?" She said pointing to me


"You can handle a baby."


My mom started crying, "I don't want to without you Paul. I need you."

"Bet you thought of that before, huh?" He screamed and stomped out of the house, slamming the door behind him

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