Secretly Related {ON HOLD}

One Direction decided that they should surprise a school. They were going onto a random bus and surprise a few fans. Niall sat beside one person and tapped their shoulder so they would turn around. It was Violet, Harry's cousin. But no one knows that they're cousins. Later, Violet ended up running away from a problem she had and Niall is determined to find her.

slow updates! Sorry! I live with my dad and he doesn't have wi-fi or internet .-. but i'd love it if you'd still read this story?(:


4. Chapter 4

.:Chapter Four:.

Niall's P.O.V

Who would call Violet in the middle of school?

"Um, I have to take this guys, sorry." She walked out pretty fast.

Harry and Holly looked confused on why she was leaving the room so fast.

"Is she okay?" Harry asked.

"She got a phone call." I told him.

"Who would call her in the middle of school hours?" Holly asked.

That's bad isn't? That even Holly doesn't know who would call her. And Holly was suppose to be her best friend, right?

"I'll be right back..." I said and walked off to go follow Violet.

I saw she was outside on the phone running her hand through her hair like she was stressed. She wasn't saying anything I think. I didn't see her lips moving. I was about to walk outside to see what she was stressed about but girls came screaming after me.

"Niall Horan! Oh, my god!" One girl said to the other.

I heard that to many times today. I smiled and took pictures with them. I turned back to walk outside when I saw Violet already walking in.

"Hey." I said.

She smiled.

"Everything alright?"

"Yeah." She shrugged and we walked back to the office.

*Violet's P.O.V*

Thank God, Niall didn't push the subject about me on the phone. I'm sure Holly will though...Oh well, I'll tell her it was a family problem. Obviously wouldn't be the first time I have.

"Ready to go eat?" Holly asked after sipping her purse back up.

I nodded

."Alright see ya later." I waved to the boys.

We walked outside. Most days we would just walk to this little cafe in front of the school.

"Guess who's number I got!" Holly cheered.

"Ew." I mumbled.


"I said awesome!"

I smiled. I pulled my phone out as we got in the small cafe. I sent Harry a text.


We got our orders and sat down next to a window. Holly sat in front of me.

'What do you mean?' Harry replied.

'Holly, Harold. She's my best friend and she doesn't even know you're my cousin'

"Who ya texting?" Holly asked.

"Obama, now hush." I locked my screen.

Holly laughed "Okay then? So, who called you? I wonder why Niall looked so concern? Bet he likes you."

I blushed.

"Oh whatever. And just family maters." I said taking a sip from my coffee.

I looked out the window and saw Lou and Zayn coming over. Oh great...

"Seems like we have stalkers." Holly smirked.

I glared at her without her noticing. Louis saw me from the window and he smiled at me. I waved and so did he. They got inside and walk over to us.

"Sup, stalkers." Holly said.

"Nothing, just getting a few coffees for the lads." Lou replied.

He slid a stool from another table beside me.

"You girlys gonna watch is preform?" Zayn asked.

"I don't-"

"Yes." Holly cut me off.

"That's great!" Louis put his arm around me.

My phone vibrated. 'I'm sorry! She's cute'

I rolled my eyes at Harry's text. I saw what time it was.

"Holly, we have to get back to school, fourth is about to start and you know I love that class!" I said.

Fourth is a class where you get to sing and just really goof around. I don't sing as much but play the piano. Holly enjoys to sing. I personally think she sings Avril Lavigne good. My favorite song by her is Everybody Hurts and I force Holly to sing it.

"Okay. Bye stalkers. Don't stalk to much." Holly smiled and hugged them.

Then Louis forced another hug with me and I hugged Zayn. We left to go to class I stopped when I saw his car pull out of the parking lot.

"Oh shit." 


(A/N): Was going to have her play the drums but I was like "wut that's stupid" so I changed it to piano .-. 

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