Secretly Related {ON HOLD}

One Direction decided that they should surprise a school. They were going onto a random bus and surprise a few fans. Niall sat beside one person and tapped their shoulder so they would turn around. It was Violet, Harry's cousin. But no one knows that they're cousins. Later, Violet ended up running away from a problem she had and Niall is determined to find her.

slow updates! Sorry! I live with my dad and he doesn't have wi-fi or internet .-. but i'd love it if you'd still read this story?(:


2. Chapter 2

.:Chapter Two:.

Violet's P.O.V.

"Where?!" I heard Louis shout. I began to walk faster.

"Violet! Slow down!" Holly said while grabbing my arm. "Why aren't you freaking out?! We just met Niall Horan. I sat on his lap oh my God! I cant believe I did that! He most likely thinks I did it on purpose!" She said while hitting her hand on her head.

"Holly, calm down! He was just a person." I told her as we walked inside.

"Not just a person! Niall. Fucking. Horan. Don't you have a crush on him?"

I started to blush."Wh-what. No." I lied.

She smirked while we walked to our lockers. Her locker was two down from mine. As I got my books out, I felt my phone vibrating from my purse. I grabbed it out. It was a text from Lou. Well, in my phone his name has to be Jim so Holly wouldn't expect something.

The text read: Violet ! Niall said he saw you ! 

I replied saying: Yes I gotta get to class love you and the boys xx.

 I closed my locker and stood by Holly while she got her stuff out. "I wonder why they were here?" Holly asked.

"Niall told me because it was to surprise fans." I shrugged and we walked to our first class, world languages.

We walked in and the first person I see is Harry. Oh great. I rushed to take my seat before my teacher called my name.

"Violet! Aren't you a fan of One Direction?"

I nodded to her. I could tell by her look she wanted me to walk towards them.

"This is Violet Davis! She is a big fan!"

I saw Harry smirking. Oh, my God, this is awful. "Hello, Violet!" Louis said and hugged me.

I hugged back and saw Mrs. Adams giving me a thumbs up. I rolled my eyes and let go of Louis. Then Harry stepped in and hugged me, then Zayn, then Liam.

"Nice to see you again." Niall said and winked before hugging me.

I blushed. "Um I'm going to go take my seat." I said and turned around to take my seat beside Holly who was smiling at me. I just looked at her.

"What?" I asked as I sat down.

"How are you not freaking out! You just hugged five of them. I'm jealous, bitch!" She said in a joking tone.

I rolled my eyes. "They're just people."

"People who are males that are hot as fuuuuuck!"

Oh God, she just called my cousin hot. I shook my head and opened my notebook. This notebook is where I draw in.

"What are you drawing, love?" Harry's accent scared me.

"Nothing." I said closing it fast.

He laughed. Holly was staring at Harry. Harry looked over at Holly. "Who's this beautiful girl?"

Ew, my cousin is flirting with my best friend. "I'm Holly, I'm a big fan." Holly replied and stood up to hug him. "Oh yeah, then name a song beside What Makes You Beautiful, Live While We're Young, and One Thing." I said placing my head in my left hand while I drew.

"Violet!" Holly whispered madly.

I laughed at her. "She doesn't listen to your music that much, Harry. Shes more into Three Days Grace, Sleeping With Sirens, and Preice The Veil. She just likes you because you're hot."

"Violet! C'mon!" Holly said while hitting my arm.

Harry laughed. "Its alright." Harry said.

"Come on Harry!" Liam said after leaving the classroom.

"Bye Violet, bye Holly." Harry winked at Holly and I fake gagged, making sure Harry saw and not Holly. He smiled and waved bye and walked out.

"Oh my God! One Direction!" We heard girls scream. Holly and I looked at each other then shrugged and she started playing with her curls. "Holly Styles. Harry and Holly Styles. Mrs. Holly Styles." I heard Holly mumbling.

"You don't even like his music?!" I said.

"Doesn't matter, we're gonna get married and have babies and we can name one after her Aunt Violet." My eyes widen, did she know?

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