Everything About You

Nicole Thompson. An average 17 year old girl. Who is not a fan of One Direction but falls in love with Zayn. But the problem is Zayn doesn't love her back. She wants to be more than friends with him. Later, in the book he learns to love her back. While they run into some drama on there journey.


3. Stupid Concert

I sat waiting for Esme to come and get me. I was still wearing the outfit I was wearing today. Why impress people when they are all just going to be girls anyway. My thought was interrupted by a honk. I knew it was Esme. I walked out and saw her smiling through the window. I rolled my eyes and got in. "Hey dude" I said not sounding very amused. I looked at her and what she was wearing. She wore a mint colored skirt and a white floral top with her white toms. I had to admit Esme looked really nice all the time. She has a good taste in fashion. "You look pretty tonight" I told her with a slight smile. She laughed "Why thank you, I have too look pretty tonight so I can see my babes" I looked at her and said " Its not like we're going to meet them!" I snapped. "Calm down! You never know!" I looked out the window kind of regretting this. We pulled up to a huge arena! She put a layer of red lipstick on and said "Lets go!" I nodded and then followed her in. She gave the security our tickets and I couldn't help but notice they were checking her out. I pulled her inside and ignored them. We entered a half empty arena and went to our seats. Half an hour later everybody started showing up. The lights went dim and every girl stood up screaming and holding up signs. "And live while we're young!" is all I kept hearing. Esme practically stood on her seat and was yelling so she could get noticed. I sat through an hour of pure stupidity. When I heard them say goodnight. I pulled on Esme skirt and asked if we could leave. She took my hand and rushed me out. "Wait!" I yelled. " I'll be back I need to use the restroom!" I ran the other way before she could react I found my way there and washed my hands and looked in the mirror. "Okay" I said to myself. Then I left the restroom. I was looking through my purse to find my phone. My house keys then suddenly fell onto the floor. I bent over and felt pain on top of my head. "Great" I said under my breathe holding the top of my head. I looked up and noticed the man holding his head and my house keys. Obviously we both went to get my keys at the same time and bumped heads. "Sorry" he said handing me my keys. "No its fine" I said kind of stuttering because I couldn't help but to be fascinated with his looks. He smirked and nodded then walked away. He didn't seem to have interest in me. But I definitely did.

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