Everything About You

Nicole Thompson. An average 17 year old girl. Who is not a fan of One Direction but falls in love with Zayn. But the problem is Zayn doesn't love her back. She wants to be more than friends with him. Later, in the book he learns to love her back. While they run into some drama on there journey.


2. School Day

I showed up to my and I saw everyone as usual. "Hey Nicole!" I heard a voice say from behind me. I turned around and saw my close friend Esmeralda. "Sup Esme" I said. She walked up to me and gave me a hug. "Are we still on for tonight?: She said. I was very confused about her question. "The One Direction concert!!" She yelled almost blowing out my eardrums and now all the people in the hallway looking at us. "Uhhhhh, I'm not sure Esme"  I said in a low voice. "But I had these tickets for months and you promised me that you would go!" She yelled again. "I promised? HA! I said no such thing!" I said almost feeling annoyed because I knew she was going to be yelling again. "I know but your the only one I want to go with" She said but I know she was lying because there are a whole bunch of directioners at this school and why cant she take one of her other friends? "Please?" She said. " I guess so... but don't leave me like you always do when we go out!" I said almost yelling. "YAY!" She said squealing. The bell rang and we said goodbye. All I could think of the whole day was "Me, A whole bunch of screaming girls, and five boys" Great...

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