First Love

Sophia and Justin have known each other since they were little. They've always been seen as friends..but secretly they are madly in love with one another. Hiding the fact that they care about each other isn't easy. What will happen when they decide to go public? And will they take that next step together?


1. First day

"Sopphhiiaaa you are going to be late!" my mother shouts as i slide on my denim jacket and vans

"I'll be right down mom!" 

You see today is the very first day of my Junior year of High school. I'm not worried. In fact i'm almost a little excited..I mean i have a lot of friends in most of my classes and not to mention i get to see Justin every day at lunch. But we'll get to that later. I quickly finish dressing and run downstairs to catch my bus. 

As i look around for a seat i see my best friend sitting toward the back. Smiling to myself at the fact that she forever has her nose in a book, i sit down next to her.

"Why hello there Beth" i say to her with a big fat grin on my face.

"Oh hey! I didn't even see you get on the bus.." that's Beth for you "did you do something different with your hair?" she asks putting her book back into her bag

"Yeah actually i decided to curl it this morning." Now here's the thing about me and my hair. Its brown, its long, and its a mess. Simple as that. I rarely ever do anything with it because of how thick it is. Usually its hanging down my shoulders, up in a bun or just a high pony. 

"Oh wow...well it looks really nice. And i'm guessing i know why" she winks

"oh God" i sigh

"Could it be for one mister Justin Bieber?" she asks in a sing song voice. Now Justin...he's been my best friend since second grade when he gave me half of his cookie at recess. Over the summer I started developing feelings for him. And when i found out that he felt the same way? Well i guess you could say i was on cloud nine. Our first kiss was perfection.

We were laying down on a blanket beneath the stars. Talking and joking for hours we just laid there when finally he turned over to look at me. Mimicking his actions we were face to face.

"Soph..i think about you all the time. I really love more than a friend" He said slowly, carefully, like he was trying not to scare me off. 

My eyes just slowly widened. Could this actually be happening? Justin loved me? "Justin I love you too" i stuttered, shocked. 

Before i knew what was going on he slowly leaned in and softly kissed me. It was like something i had never felt before. He was holding me against him so tightly and i never wanted him to let go.

 But things were different between us. We weren't a couple because we didn't want the drama. At the same time though we weren't just friends. We've been hooking up since July, 14th. I know its dorky that i remember the exact date but i mean i love the boy..

"I guess you could say that.." Beth was the only one who knew about us besides Justin's friend Ryan. And they weren't about to go blabbing to people.

As we got off the bus to go to class we stopped at the picnic table where the rest of our group,minus Ryan and Justin, was sitting. Beth and i went to stand next to Anna, Blake and Chaz. We meet up here so we can share our mornings together. It's just been our sorta ritual since freshman year so why break it now. "SOPH!" I hear a familiar voice behind me. And before i can even fully register whats going on he's there, hugging me, lifting me in the air. I gasp at the sudden physical contact.

"Justin Drew put me down right this instant or i will be forced to tell your mother!" I scream in between fits of laughter.

"Alright, alright. But you're just so small i can't help myself." he grins at me. And at 4'11 i can't exactly argue with him.

"Are you still coming over after school" he whispers to me still holding on tightly. The attention from our group no longer on us, I look up at him and wink "Why of course."

The next eight hours of school went agonizingly slow. All i could think of was Justin and the fact that i had purchased new underwear for him. I wonder if he'll like them..They're a plum color with black lace trimming and a matching bra. I couldn't wait to show it off. 

After what seemed like an eternity the end of the day bell finally rang. I went outside to find Justin waiting for my patiently by our table. We walked to his house, which was only a few blocks away, talking about our days and teachers the entire way. As soon as we stepped into the doorway the entire mood around us shifted. We sat down on his couch and turned on the tv. 

"You mom won't be home from work for another 2 hours" He said giving me his look. And that's all it took. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders straddling him. He pulled my closer and we leaned in attaching our lips. Let me tell you something. That boy is an amazing kisser. He lightly ran his tongue on my bottom lip begging for entrance. As our tongues mingled our passion grew and before i knew it my jacket and shoes had come off along with his shoes and t shirt. I pulled away from the kiss, both of us clinging on to each other. 

"Should we take this up to your room?" I asked 

"I love the way you think Sophia" He smiled wickedly. I climbed off of him and ran up the stairs, him right behind me. 

I sat down on his bed getting comfortable. As soon as his door shut he was on top of me, my legs wrapped around him. He started kissing and sucking down my neck towards my boobs and back up again toward my ear. I was in a trance, he knew exactly what i wanted. Suddenly i flipped us over so i was on top. I knew what he wanted too. I started grinding on him earning a moan "Oh Soph, baby. Don't stop" I grinned while kissing and sucking on his neck. I decided at that point it was time to heat things up a little. I pulled away and ran my hands down his bare chest. Sliding my shirt off and tossing it onto his floor along with my bra i leaned back into the kiss. His hands moved everywhere while i slowly started to kiss down his chest and stomach. Reaching the edge of his pants i looked up at him. His expression was one of complete awe which i have to say was a total confidence boost. I smiled up at him giving him the most innocent look i could. "Would you please help me with this" i said tugging at his shorts. 

"Well of course i can" he laughed pulling his shorts and boxers down and setting his not-so-little friend free. I started right above his length kissing and sucking anywhere but where he wanted. 

"Oh please be nice, no teasing Soph" he groaned. And with that i took him fully into my mouth. I heard his breath catch but i kept going. I bobbed my head up and down stopping to suck on his sensitive head once in a while.

"Uhh Yeah keep going, I-I'm going to cum" I heard him say and with that he shot his load into my mouth. 

"Mmmm yum" i pulled away looking at him swallowing it all. 

"Oh my God that was amazing" he said completely out of breath. 


We hear Justin's mom come in as we sat on his couch watching a movie.

"Oh hello Sophia! Are you staying for dinner, Hun?" she asked

"Hi Pattie! I think my mom is actually expecting me back pretty soon..I better get going but we need to catch up soon!" 

"I know it feel likes i haven't seen you in forever with you going to the beach and all." She said giving my a tight hug. As we said our goodbyes i gave Justin a big hug and he picked me up. "Its your turn next time" he said under his breath. 

Oh this is going to be fun.

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