First Love

Sophia and Justin have known each other since they were little. They've always been seen as friends..but secretly they are madly in love with one another. Hiding the fact that they care about each other isn't easy. What will happen when they decide to go public? And will they take that next step together?


2. Cartoons and cozies

Over the next few days all I could think about was what Justin meant when he said "its your turn next time". His words coming back to me sent shivers down my spine.It was Saturday so i slept in a little. When i finally managed to get out of bed i groggily went through my morning routine. As i climbed down the stairs i stop when i see Justin sitting there right on my couch.

"Good morning sleepy head" he says as he smiles up at me

"Good morning" i say. I feel completely comfortable in a tank and my hello kitty pj pants around him which is not how i feel around most guys. He was always so easy to be around. He was in his baggy sweats and a plain t shirt. He looked hot with his hair all messy like he had just rolled out of bed. But why was he here? "Why are you here?"

"Well I came over to hangout. Your mom told me to tell you that she and your dad are out for the day with friends and won't be back until late" he explained.

"Oh ok cool" i say while grabbing a bowl of cereal "What do you want to do today?" i ask

"I was thinking we could just spend the day hanging around the house if that's ok with you" 

"Perfect. I'm in my cozies and I do not plan on taking them off" i say sitting down next to him. He's watching cartoons which i think is adorable. When we were little it was our ritual to have a sleepover almost every Friday night and watch cartoons the next morning. As we got older we stopped doing it as often. Every once in awhile we'll still have one for old times sake. I wasn't exactly focusing on the tv though. I wanted him to tell me about my turn.. when i finally i couldn't take it anymore. "Remember when you said that next time it was my turn?" I ask quickly turning to him. He slowly turned his head toward me "Yeah" he says, a huge grin appearing on his face.

"Well...what does that mean, exactly?" I ask trying not to sound nervous. I have major butterflies in my stomach as we speak. But to be perfectly honest he always gives me that weak-at-the-knees feeling..and i love it. 

"It means ,Soph, that i'm going to eat you out" he whispers in my ear.

"When is next time.." i ask completely in awe

"Its right now ,baby" he said leaning in to kiss me.  I kiss him back intensely holding on to him tightly. He slowly leans into me pushing me onto my back so he's laying on top. Fortunately for us my living room couch is pretty roomy. My hands moved from his neck to the bottom of his shirt lightly tugging to let him know that i wanted it off. He pulled away smiling down at me before removing his shirt and throwing it to the floor. This boy must be a God or something. He has the perfect amount of muscles and i just can't even handle it. I pull him back to me holding him even tighter than before. Our lips move in sync as our hands roam each others bodies. I feel his hand slide down my stomach when he start to tug at my pj pants. I lift my hips and he swiftly pulls them down along with my underwear. Whoa that was hot. His hand goes back to exploring. He slowly moves his and down to the point where he has a finger at my entrance. I quietly moan as he slides it into me. I almost scream as he adds another finger but hold it in by sucking on his neck. I hope he doesn't mind a few marks..He keeps going in and out while the palm of his hand is rubbing at my clit. It feels so good and then out of no where he stops and pulls away from the kiss.

"Wha-" And before i finish he stops me

"Remember Soph, it's your turn." He slowly moves his head down and i relax. As soon as i feel his warm breath hit my clit i start to tense up again. He returns his fingers back inside of me and my breath catches.

"Like that?" he asks, smirking. All i could muster was a slight nod and some unexplainable noise, but i didn't care.

"Well then. You are going to love this" and with that he slowly slid his tongue in between my folds circling my clit. I screamed out his name and he keeps going. My hands find their way to his hair, trying to hold onto something as the pleasure in my stomach kept building.

"That's it baby, let go" he said. With that i let go moaning and crying out as my orgasm hit me hard.

I was still breathing heavily as he came back up to my face pecking my lips lightly. 

"You really are just so beautiful." he said smiling down at me. Oh god now i'm blushing..

"Thank you" I said quietly. We lay there wrapped in each others arms talking and laughing with on another. Completely in love and oblivious to the rest of the world. I don't think it can get any better than this. 

"Well know Biebs. I'd say its time for me to give you a taste of your own medicine" I wink, moving my head down...

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