scars of your love

Jay is a very strong girl on the outside but in the inside she is a very fragile, she has been on her own since she was 16 now she is 18 and is in a rut with you guessed it liam on to find out more :)


1. the nightmare

"i hate you jay!  i only hung-out with you because no one else would "he said to  me he was supposed to be my best friend ,he walked away   and left me there crying "why  did you do that liam?"  he sighed "no one likes you because you are hideous ,and you are a loser and i felt sorry for you now goodbye".

i woke up crying from that terrible dream"its just a dream  you are fine stay strong and liam wouldnt do that right?" i thought to  myself. i  got up and walked to the bathroom and had a shower and got ready for work. i sighed and took a deep breathe i love my job but i hate the mornings.

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