scars of your love

Jay is a very strong girl on the outside but in the inside she is a very fragile, she has been on her own since she was 16 now she is 18 and is in a rut with you guessed it liam on to find out more :)


2. job

"morning boys" i said as i walk into simons office. "morning  beautiful ,, i hope you had a wonderful day so far?" zayn said getting a glare from  liam i just blushed as the other boys say morning. "so why did you want us here uncle simon??" louis asked "well boys we need you to go to canada for  a week for a mini tour kinda thing jay  insisted it would boost up the money so i agreed she will be helping you with everything"  i nodded and next thing you know the boys are  out of there seats jumping "wait that means youre going on tour with me ummm i mean us ?" liam stuttered "no shit sherlock" niall said laughing at him "niall be nice and yes liam we finally on tour together " i said                                                                                                                                                                                                                        authors note: i need characters and a co-author so please suggest :)   

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