Dirty/clean ^_^ you comment


3. Ally and her two men ;)


You're sitting there reading the article you made about "fashion for the team"
You giggled at how wonderful everyone thinks it is.

Suddenly two hands slip over your eyes.
"Guess who!" Said a happy light boyish voice.
"Umm, the queen?" You say in a joking tone.
Suddenly Louis appeared in front of. You and screams "YOU KNOW IT!!" With his hands on his hips, and his lips puckered.
You both laugh!
Then Louis does something you and him have been doing for a while...
He leans in a kisses you, slowly that light kiss progresses. You feel his lip move with yours and his hands slide up your shirt as your bra falls to the ground, you blush as Louis kisses you everywhere, suddenly you hear a knock at the door, rushingly Louis kisses you passionately one last time before jumping out of you window into your pool. 
"Hello?" You hear his loving strong voice call.
"Hi baby, I'm in here!" You say.
You quickly take your pants off, to play off the whole 'no bra' thing, as if you're trying to look sexual. 
There you are standing in just a tee-shirt and panties.
"Wow wow wow" you hear Harry get all excited, next thing you know you and Harry are having sex.

When it's over he kisses you on the forehead and looks into your hazel eyes and says, "ally you're amazing." And with that he throughs close on and heads out your house.
You giggle at how your day went and how they both know about everything ^_^

Sorry, but I think it's bad, huh?! :(

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