the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


5. Thanks soooooo much

Jenna's pov

Aubrie pulled Marlee outta the water. Marlee is blacked out we lay her on a chair. Aubrie leaves the room and comes back with a bucket of ice she drops the ice on Marlee. "AHHHHH!" Marlee screams sitting up. "Thanks soooo much." she says sarcasticly looking at Aubrie. "Your welcome!" Aubrie says then goes back into the water. We all follow. After an hour of swimming were waiting for Aubrie to get out. "When is she gonna get out?" Louis wined. "If she had it her way never." I said. "Aubrie if you get out we can get food." Gracie says Aubrie jumps out. She looked at me and smirked i was almost dry she ran over and gave me a wet hug. we went up to our rooms.

Aubrie's pov

Marlee and I quickly changed. There was a knock on the door. Thinking it was everyone else i opened it i didn't see anyone then looked down a little boy maybe 3 or 4 was standing there he was crying i let him in. "Are you ok hun?" i asked him he shook his head "I'm lost." he said i looked over to Aubrie she called the hotel front desk. Almost right away a young couple showed up at our door we said by to the boy and everyone else came over Gracie handed Aubrie a small tub of cookie dough. Harry, Liam and I sat on the couch. Louis sat on a chair Eleanor was sitting on his lap. Gracie and Jenna sat in two other chairs. Aubrie sat on the floor and Niall sat next to her. "Lets play T or D!" Harry said. we all agreed. "Ok Louis T or D?" Aubrie asked "Dare." he said. "I dare you to run to the candy shop buy two large bags of candy then run back here." she said. He ran and about 25 minutes he came back we dug into the candy "Ok Harry T or D" he asks "Dare." Harry says "I dare you to kiss your crush on the lips." Louis says with an evil smile. Harry turns red but gets up and pecks Gracie. He returns to his seat his whole face red. Gracie looks down but i can tell she's smiling. I yawn. Aubrie giggles. "Aubrie T or D?" Harry asks "Dare." she says Oh i wish i could say her dare! Gracie and Jenna want to too i can tell. "Um I dare you to umm run to the nearest Wendys and back." he says she gets up and go's it was only two buildings away so when she came back 20 minutes late the boys looked at her weird. "It only takes about 5 minutes from here and back what took so long?" Liam asked "You want me to go there and NOT get food that anit gonna happen." she sasses then sits next to Niall "Why are your eyes red?" he asks her "I swim with my eyes open." she says "Doesn't that hurt?" he asked "Nope." "Were 80% sure Aubrie was born in the water." Gracie says "Harry sing sandpit." Jenna says he looks at us weirdly but sings it anyways We burst out laughing. After we stopped laughing we decided to put in a movie. In the end of the movie almost everyone was asleep only Aubrie and i were awake I got up and we went to Aubrie's room and grabbed silly string, and markers we drew on everyones faces and put silly string everywhere then went to my room but shut Aubrie's door and locked mine. Then fell asleep

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