the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


8. Sick

 Marlee's pov 

Gracie, Jenna and I were all laying on Jenna's couch when there was a knock at the door Gracie got up to get it "Hey! Come on in!" She said I'm guessing it's the boys. The boys came into the living room with Gracie following. "Where is Aubrie?"'Niall asked frowning. We shrugged "She hasn't been answering our phone calls.or texts." Jenna says. My phone rang the caller ID was just a number. "Hello?" I asked. "Marlee? Hi it's Kelly, Aubrie's mom." "Oh hi. Is everything alright?" I ask panicked. "Sorta can you come over?" She asked. "Um sure I'll be over in five." I say. "I'll be right back." I say to the boys, Gracie and Jenna. I jump in my car and drive to Aubrie's. I arrive and run into the house. "Marlee I'm so glad your here!" Kelly says. "Is Aubrie ok?"'I ask. "That's why I called you. I have a big meeting in ten minutes." She says then makes a motion for me to follow her. We walk up to Aubrie's room. "Can you watch her until Eric or I get home?" She says opening the door Aubrie was laying in her bed asleep she was really pale. "Yes! Is it Ok if Gracie, Jenna and the boys come over?" I ask. Kelly nods then says "She's had a fever of 103° sense last night." Kelly looks at her watch. "Well I better go. Eli and Jonah are at friends and Beckett is with Eric's parents we don't want them getting sick too." She said then left. I sit down on the edge of.Aubrie's bed. "Marlee?" She says her eyes opening. "Hey twiny. Is it Ok if everyone else comes over?" I ask she nods smiling. I call Gracie and tell her to come over. I help Aubrie down stairs and onto the couch. As soon as she sits down. Gracie, Jenna and everyone else come in. They give Aubrie a hug then sit down. On the larger couch It was Jenna, Josh, Harry, Gracie, Eleanor, Louis, and Zayn. On the smaller one it was Liam ,me, Aubrie and Niall. "Where's Perrie?" Aubrie asked in a weak voice "She had to go back to London." Zayn said. I put my hand on Aubrie's forehead and frowned she was burning up I got up and went to the.medicine cabinet. I grabbed the thermometer. When I got back Aubrie was curled up against.Niall. I put the thermometer in her mouth. The beep went off. I took it out "Aubrie your fevers up to 105°!" I say. "We should get her to a doctor." Gracie said. Niall picked her up and carried her out to the car. Eleanor sat in the back by Aubrie and Niall sat on the other Side if Aubrie. I got in the passenger seat and Gracie started to drive. Jenna took the boys in the other car. I called Aubrie's mom to tell her where we are going she said she'd meet us there when she's done with work. We arrived at the hospital and brought her into the emergency room. Two nurses and  doctor came and took her. After about an hour the doctor came out "Aubrie has............ 

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