the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


1. SAVE ME!!

Gracie's pov 

I was laying on my bed checking out contest I saw a one direction one so I entered it. My phone buzzed to:Gracie from:the cat queen: Hey have u herd from Aubrie?' I quickly replied 'no check with Jens'. She replied back a few minutes.items later 'Nothin' 'Tell Jenna to come over u come to my mom's on a business trip and my little sister is at her dad's' She replies with 'Jenna can and Cody said I could while mom and dad are on a second honeymoon' their over in five minutes "Should we call Aubie?" Marlee asked using her nickname for Aubrie I nodded I called her then put it on speaker "911 what's your emerg-AHHH" Tate that's how Aubrie answers just with out the AHHH "Aubie why having you replied to any of us?" Marlee asked "Cause...Fuck! YO LET MR OUTTA THE DANG CLOSET YOU IDIOTS!" I then herd someone "Blake, Jonah, Grant and Beckett shall we take a vote. Sorry Jonah and Grant said No then went to play Xbox and Blake and I don't wanna. And only Beckett 's the only one." Her brother Eli said "Ok fine you have to change Beckettd diapers." I hear Aubrie say then there's a sound of a lock. "Eli why did you lock your sister in a closet?" Her mom asked "Save me." Aubrie whispered into the phone "Come over." I said "Mom can I go over to Gracies thanks and yes I have a bag backed." I hear her say then she hangs up. Five minutes later she got there "Never agree to babysit your three younger brothers and Eli's friend and Jonah's friend.....Unless your getting paid this much!" She said brining out 100 dollars! "Wow hide you get that!" Marlee said "My parents Blake and Grant 's parents." She said taking her blonde dip dyed blue hair outta a pony. I then noticed something on her wrist I grabbed it to make sure she wasn't cutting again. No it was a tattoo it was an anchor and under it was I refuse to sink (Picture on cover) "You like it my parents let me get it cause it's a good purpose and..... I talked to your parents so if you want you can get it to!" She said happily I agreed and so did Jenna and Marlee we came back an hour later with it on our wrist. "I'm hungry." Aubrie complained "When aren't you?" Jenna teased Aubrie being Aubrie had to sass back "When I'm sick." She sassed then started skipping around the room and then Marlee joined her I took out my phone and video taped them and posted it we decide to get a pizza. We walked to Spicy Pie and order we where drinking (POP) and waiting for our food when my phone buzzed I was getting a call I got up to answer it and when a came back I had big news "Hey gu-" I was interrupted by a loud burp I looked at Aubrie and some boys our age at the other table cheered and Gabe her high fives "Hey guys Guess what?!? I won four one direction tickets!" I say no yell "Isn't the point in saying guess what is for the people to guess." Aubrie sassed "Yes sass a frass now eat yo pizza." I said and she ate her pizza and part of Jennas she finished Marlee's and stile mine. We walk home and Aubrie started jumping on my bed then Marlee and Jenna joined I shrugged my shoulders and joined then we watched movies and fell asleep Marlee was on the long couch Jenna was.on the smaller couch and Aubrie was on the coffee table don't ask it was her decision. I went to my bed and fell asleep smiling at my three best friends 

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