the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


4. gummy bear

Marlee's pov

Oh my god!!!! "AWW your blinding us!" Niall said covering his eyes we look at Aubrie she grinned sheepishly "Oops?" she shut it off. I get pushed off the car by Aubrie. I brace myself to feel the hard pavement. I feel a pair of strong arms around me i look up and see Liam looking down at me.I'm glad it was dark because i was blushing very hard. "Hey Liam you gonna put her down?" Louis asks. He quickly sets me down. "What was that for?" i asked looking at Aubrie who was standing next to me. "You were taking to long." she wined. "Okay are you sure Beckett's the two year old." Jenna teased Aubrie stuck her tongue out. "So should we get going?" Zayn asked we nodded. we got in their car "So where are you guys staying?" Liam asked looking at me. "Um the Ramada." i said "That's where were staying!" Harry said. "Hey what are your guys names?" Zayn asked "I'm Marlee." i say "I'm Gracie." "I'm Jenna." we looked at Aubrie she was staring at her iPhone. "AUBRIE!!!" Gracie, Jenna and I say. "I"M A GUMMY BEAR YES I'M A GUMMY BEAR OH I'M A YUMMY,CHUMMY,FUNNY,LUCKY GUMMY BEAR." the boys looked at her weird were used to this. "What?" Louis asked "You have never herd the gummy bear song?!" Aubrie said pretending to be hurt "Nope." Niall said. Aubrie HAD to play it for them. Everyone was laughing at the end because she also showed them the music video. "Hey are you two twins?" Harry asked pointing to me and Aubrie we looked at each other"Yep." we say at the same time holding in our laughter. We arrived at the hotel. We ran inside. "Thanks for the ride." Gracie said smiling at them. "No problem we wouldn't have left four beautiful girls out there." Harry says winking at Gracie. Aubrie pushed her bangs outta her eyes (There sided to the left) then glared at Harry. Thank god Aubrie's phone rang other wise Harry would have gotten the 'big brother stare' she looked at the caller id "Hello?" she said. Then hung up. "Gracie it was your boyfriend." She said in singsong voice. Gracie rolled her eyes "And what did he want." she asked "Wait you have a boyfriend?" Harry asked looking hurt "HARRY HAS A CRUSH ON GRACIE!!!" Jenna yelled then covered her mouth. "No i don't have a boyfriend its Aubrie's brother Jonah but what did he want?"Gracie said "I don't know i didn't listen." Aubrie said her phone rang again. "Hello?" she smiled "Hi!" she said 'Beckett' she mouthed to us girls we went over to her she put him on speaker "Hey buddy your on speaker." "Hi Jonah w-w-want-t-ted t-t-to know if if if you s-said hi to to um Z-z-za-a--yn." he stuttered "HI ZAYN FROM MY BROTHER JONAH!" she yelled looking at the boys. "C-c--cann i uh s-s-sleep in y-y-your b-b-ed? i m-miss y-you." he says "awww." we all say "Sure now go to bed buddy i love you." she said "I l-l-love y-y-you too a-all of y-y-y-ou." he said "We love you too Beckett bye." Gracie, Jenna and I said then hung up. We looked over to where the boys were and they were still there "Um do you guys want to go to the pool with us?" Harry asked "SWIMMING!!" Aubrie screamed running to the elevator Jenna,Gracie and i looked at each other then ran to the elevator "Shut the door!" i say we close the door as the boys run over. we ride up to our floor and when the doors open we see the tired boys the ran up to the top level. We go into our rooms and it turns out Niall and Liam are next door to us and Harry and Zayn were by  Gracie and Jenna. Louis and Eleanor were on the other side of Liam and Niall. We changed and walked out to the hall. Everyone was waiting for us "What took you two so long?"Niall asked walking next to Aubrie. "Aubrie locked herself in her room." i say giggling. Aubrie whispers something to Gracie and Jenna. they nod the whispers to me "On go jump on Liam's back and demand a piggyback ride." i nod "What are you girls whispering about?" Eleanor asks i whisper the plan and she nods "GO!" Aubrie yells we all jump on the boys backs Gracie on Harry's, Eleanor on Louis's, Jenna on Zayn's, Aubrie on Niall's and I'm on Liam's. I wrap my arms around Liam's neck he holds on to my legs so i won't fall. I rest my head on Liam's shoulder we go to the elevator. about half way down it jerks to a stop. Five girls with WAY to much make up on and WAY to small swimsuits  get on and start flirting with the boys who look uncomfortable. "Why don't you ditch these ugly girls and come with us. the one next to Niall says I look at Aubrie and make a face. She giggles and makes one next to Niall turns forward and looks at Gracie and Eleanor "Ew who are you." she says Eleanor and Gracie laugh Aubrie and i are making faces behind her the door finally opens and we go to the pool Aubrie runs and jumps right. I jump. someone jumps in on top of me i bang my head on the wall. everything gets fuzzy the last thing i see is one of the girls smirking at me then getting pushed by Aubrie. Then Aubrie grabs me and everything goes black.

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