the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


7. goodbye

Jenna's pov 

Gracie came and woke me up at 4 am and we packed then went over to Aubrie and Marlee's room after we shut the door the boys then knocked on it I opened it and smiled at them. They came in we sat on the couch and floor I looked around "Where's Aubrie?" I asked "She went to get breakfast for us." Marlee sleepy said. Aubrie burst in the room then she had glazed doughnuts she set them down we ate and watched Aubrie "How do you have this much energy at 4:20 in the morning?" Josh asked watching Aubrie jumping around singing her favorite song that was playing "Sense seventh grade she's been on the swim team and they've had 5:30 am practices." Marlee said. At 4:45 we started walking down stairs to check out when the elevator doors closed. Aubrie screamed "YOUR AVICII!!" "Yes we are I'm guessing your a fan." One of them laughed "Ya she is she kept playing wake me up." Marlee said. "Hey your that band One Direction?" The other guy asked. The boys nodded. The doors opened and Avicii autographed Aubrie's phone case. We arrived at the airport and said goodbye with the boys 

                            One week later .....'.......................Aubrie's pov 

I had just watched Ziva's last episode and had not moved an inch just played motionless on my bed she luckily didn't die! My brothers were with their friends Beckett was at daycare and my parents were at work. The doorbell rung I still didn't move. The door opened and I herd feet running up my stairs "Come on Aubs were meeting the boys at Noodles and company." Gracie said smiling I still didn't move. Gracie picked me up and carried me out to her car she set me in the backseat with Marlee and drove off. there and I sat down Jenna ordered for me the boys arrived and gave us hugs. "What's her problem?" Harry asked pointing to me "Ziva." I whined "Her favorite character left her favorite show." Gracie said pretending to be sad. Our food had come and I threw a noodle at her. Of course not one of mine. I looked up and saw one of Eli's friends Blake sitting with a girl talking. A devilish grin came across my face I walked over there "Blake is this your girlfriend?" I asked pinching his checks "Maybe now go away!" He hissed "Did you know he slept in Mario pajamas tIll about a month ago." His checks turned red and the girl giggled "Well I better be going BYE." I said then walked over to our table laughing. We ate the. left I waved at Blake making him roll his eyes. 

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