the four best friends

Marlee, Gracie, Jenna, and Aubrie are best friends. One day Gracie wins tickets FRONT row tickets I might say to a one direction concert. After the concert one accident changes their life forever.


3. concert

Gracie's pov

A lot and i mean A LOT of people came into the pool area i looked at Jenna her eyes were wide Marlee, Aubrie, and I got her out of there "WERE ALIVE!" Aubrie and Marlee scream we took the stairs upstairs cause we wanted to race. We would have all tied but at the last minute Aubrie pushed as all and jumped to the top "OW!" i said rubbing my arm "That wasn't even a hard push." Aubrie says "Um yes it was!" Jenna said. We skipped to our room don't ask we just did. We changed into sweat pants and t-shirts laying around the room. Jenna was texting. I was fixing my hair, Marlee was drawing and texting, and Aubrie was eating and trowing popcorn at Jenna who would sometimes turn her head and open her mouth to catch one. "Well we better get ready for the concert." I say looking at all the girls "Why can't i wear this?" Aubrie wined "Because you have paint splatters and tie-die spots." Jenna points out. I change into neon pink shorts and a homemade t-shirt saying 'Their my dimples ' and an arrow. Marlee's said 'Their my forks .' also having an arrow. Jenna's says 'Their my Irish' with an arrow Aubrie's is 'Their my food.' and guess what it has an arrow! That was on the back on the front was one direction across and the boy's names. Marlee had neon orange shorts, Jenna neon blue and Aubrie neon green. I curled my hair, Jenna left hers down, Aubrie had a messy bun, and Marlee had a low pony. We grabbed our phones and put our flip flops and walked to the elevator "I CALL DRIVING!" Aubrie yelled "Um no! I'm driving." i say "Why?" Aubrie pouts "Oh cause we don't want to die today." Jenna says "Fine! I CALL SHOTGUN! oh hey now i want one." Aubrie says "You are a weird child." (quote from Gracie) I said. we got into the elevator and jumped like children in it. We walked out to our rental car and I drove to the concert. Aubrie turned the radio on 'I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift.' Came on Aubrie blared it up and we screamed the lyrics. We got to the arena and went to our seats there was still was half an hour before the concert started. We goofed off untill it started we sang/screamed the lyrics like everybody else. In twitter questions i took Aubrie's phone away from her cause i knew what she was gonna ask (hehe Gracie ;D) after the concert we waited for most people to leave. then started walking to our car we hoped in. I try to start the car but it won't start we get out. Aubrie had climbed on top of the car and was helping Marlee up. I hoped up on the hood next to Jenna. A black car with tinted windows pulled up and five guys got out 'I have a knife." Aubrie says let me remind you its pitch black out. "How did you get that past security?" Marlee asks "Um....ah..uh....What?" Aubrie says i roll my eyes giggling "You have a cute laugh." a deep voice says Jenna went into the car and grabbed a flashlight hmm why didn't we use that earlier? She hands it to Marlee who gets it stolen by Aubrie she points it right at the guys. IT WAS ONE DIRECTION!!!

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