Cecelia's Story <3

Okay well this story is about a girl named Cecelia. Cecelia is a very kind and creative piano player who is also a dancer and has the best boyfriend a girl could have, right? Cecelia is on her way to nationals for a duet dance performance with her best friend Avery Wadsworth, who she met when they both started back in head start. How do you think Cecelia's 'wonderful' boyfriend takes it when things go down just days before the performance?


1. Our Date Night

Cecelia's Point of View

    I was walking home from my dance class on Fourth st. when I got the text from my boyfriend, Caleb, telling me to be ready at 6:30 for our date tonight. In case I didn't tell you already I play as a concert pianist, and I'm a dancer, I've been taking Ballet lessons since i was three. Nationals are coming up in a week and I have practice every day until then.

   When I got home it was already 4:30 so, if I wanted to look nice I had to hurry. I quickly pulled my long brown hair out of its bun and tore off my sweaty ballet slippers and changed out of my black practice leotard and tights and threw everything into my dance bag. I checked my phone to see if my mom texted me about when she would be home, and threw my bag in the closet under the outfit I was wearing to nationals.

   I grabbed my robe and towel and got in the shower. By the time I got out of the shower it was 5:00 and Caleb is usually a few minutes early so I had to hurry. I pulled my wet hair out of my face so I could put on my makeup and get dressed. I wore a purple cami and Caleb's football pull over hoodie, since it was cold, and my favorite pair of blue jeans. I took out my hair and got to work.

   I put the sticky white moose in my hair and rubbed it in so it would stay curly, and put the strawberry scented heat protector in. I curled it which took longer than I hoped it would. Thank god Caleb's not here yet. I finished and then put in the hairspray and nearly died off all the fumes in my bathroom.

   I walked into the familiar room with bright pink walls with almost everything that I could find that had to do with my music and dance plastered to the walls, and sprayed some perfume all over me. Caleb still wasn't here so I sat down on the bed and logged onto Facebook. Apparently after I posted about nationals some girl from a different district decided to comment and cuss me out then call me a faker but one of my friends named Isabel had my back and told her to mind her own business and to go suck on one of her eight boyfriends.

   Finally at 6:45 Caleb rang the doorbell.

   "I was wondering what was taking so long, gee" I said

   He apologized and said "Sorry there was a long line at bushels." and he pulled out a bunch of flowers! I was actually able to keep my cool on the outside for once but on the inside I was screaming like a toddler.

   "Oh Caleb they are beautiful, thank you!" I said to him as I took them from his outstretched hand and walked over into the kitchen to get a vase. "So, where are we going tonight? I forgot to ask earlier." I yelled out to him from the kitchen.

   "Nowhere special, you'll see when we get get there." I felt my cheeks get hot and I finished filling the vase with water and set them on the dining room table. I walked into the living room where Caleb was sitting on the couch texting someone. I sat down next to him looked over his shoulder to see who he was texting. It was his mom, he was telling her what time he would be home. He finished the text and pulled me onto his lap and kissed me.

   "We should probably get going." I reminded him. He nodded his head and we walked out to his Honda Civic that his parents got him as a present for passing his driving test. We pulled out of my short driveway and out onto the street. We drove for a little bit and then pulled into a small diner and had a quick meal of shared fries and a burger. We finished our meal and got back in the car, and instead of heading back home we kept on driving, finally we arrived at the cinema by the mall. While we watched our movie and talked from the back row for a little bit we shared a very salty popcorn and a coke, and kissed a couple times. And finally we went home.

   When we pulled into the driveway I noticed my mom wasn't home yet so Caleb decided to stay with me until she got there cause my dad left us when i was born so Caleb likes to protect me (and occasionally my mom too). When we walked into the door I immediately fell to my knees in shock.

   Someone had broken into our house. The first thing i did was call the cops. And then I called my mother. She told her boss what happened and he gave her the next two days off, to help with the investigation. Caleb felt bad about what happened and he stayed over for the next whole week to make sure everything was okay. We didn't lose much everything was just pulled apart or tipped over and scattered around the house. It took both of Caleb's parents my mom and me to convince him that we were okay now.

   There was only a week left until nationals and my mom asked my grandparents that live out in Alabama to come to my performance. Originally my mom and I were from there but when my dad left my mom wanted to move to try and escape all of the drama. And I guess it worked out okay until the incident with the robbery. After four days of looking they finally found the guy and we got our stuff back. And my mom decided to slap the guy in front of the cop and the cop just laughed.

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