Cecelia's Story <3

Okay well this story is about a girl named Cecelia. Cecelia is a very kind and creative piano player who is also a dancer and has the best boyfriend a girl could have, right? Cecelia is on her way to nationals for a duet dance performance with her best friend Avery Wadsworth, who she met when they both started back in head start. How do you think Cecelia's 'wonderful' boyfriend takes it when things go down just days before the performance?


2. Meet the Characters!

Hey c: My name is Cecelia (: Well.. I guess can tell you a little bit about me! My favorite color is Pink! I'm a very sweet person but, I also have a bad side. I don't show it until someone is mean or mistreating me! I'm usually friends with everyone! I have a boyfriend named Caleb (: He is so amazing and sweet and hot and cute and everything you can imagine! I love him so much! I don't know what I would do without him <3 Oh! I almost forgot! I'm a Dancer! I love dancing! My life would be nothing without dancing! I also play piano! I started both of these things since I was 3 years old! (: Well imma go now! Bye Loves <3

Hey guys. The names Caleb..Don't wear it out(; Well..I guess I have to tell you guys about me soo here it goes. My favorite color is Green! I play football. I'm the Quarterback for the Blue Hawks! GO BLUE HAWKS! Anyway...I have the most beautiful, talented, amazing, smart, did I mention that she's beautiful? girlfriend ever! I love her soooooooooooooooooooooo much! My life would be pointless without her! <3 love you babe(: Oh kay. well i'm going now. Peace.

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