Phobia (A Louis Tomlinson One-Shot/Imagine)

Louis's past finally caught up with him, and now you might pay for it!

1. Phobia

You grip Louis’s arms and try to pull him closer. The tightness of the closet makes you feel claustrophobic.

            “I’m scared.” You whisper.

            “It’ll be fine. They won’t find us.” He reassures you. His past finally caught up to him and I’m going to pay for it. You think. “Let’s get closer to the floor.” He says and you both slide down. You were pretty close when you were standing but now you feel like you're in a tiny box. Your back is to his chest and his arms are around your midsection.

            “They're gonna find us.” You almost imperceptibly whisper.

            “No they won’t.” He whispers in your ear. The tears slip silently down your face. He hears you sniff and reaches up to wipe away the tears.

            The next thing you know the closet door is ripped open and both your bodies go rigid. You can feel Louis’s heart – and your own – pounding. You hold your breath and wait for them to just pass on. But they don’t.

            A hand reaches in and grabs your arm, pulling you away from Louis’s arms. A man – you assume – in a black ski mask wrenches you to your feet.

            “Thought we wouldn’t find you, did you?” he says sinisterly as another man brings Louis out of the closet.

            “Billy, let her go!” Louis says in a hoarse voice.

            “You think you can leave Strike Force and not pay?” Billy asks, the anger apparent in his voice. “You knew we would find you!”

            “Punish me, not her.” Louis tries to wriggle out of the other man’s grasp but obviously fails.

            “Oh we’re going to punish you alright!” the one holding Louis says.

            “Mike, this isn’t right. You know it!” Louis turns his face partially toward the one holding him – Mike – but he doesn’t take his eyes off Billy.

            “You leave Strike Force, you die!” Billy says and puts the muzzle of his hand gun to your head. You breathe in sharply and the tears start again.

            “What do you want from us?” Louis rasps.

            “What do you think we want?” Mike snarls.

            “Well, I don’t have it!” Louis shouts.

            “The record book! Where is it?!” Billy throws you on the floor and cocks the gun while aiming it at you. The record book? Oh right the book of all of Carlos’s hits, jobs, dealings, and minions.

            “Why do you want it?” Louis snarls.

            “Carlos put us in jail for two years. It’s time we put him away.”

            “He put you in jail because you betrayed him!”

            “And you didn’t?!” Billy screams.

            “I helped him!” Lou screams back.

            “We’re going to end you, right after we find that book.” You can hear people rustling downstairs and in the next room – looking for the book.

            “Does your little girlfriend here know that you’re addicted to heroin? Does she know you used to steal cars and smuggle weapons?” Mike asks smugly.

            “I got clean last year.” Louis rasps.

            “Yeah, whatever.” Billy says with a laugh.

You notice that Billy is favoring his left side and he walks closer to you. You take both of your feet and swing them as hard as possible into Billy’s ankle, hoping Louis is ready to fight. Billy cries out and falls to the floor. His gun goes off and you yelp but you are not hit. You scramble to your feet and grab Billy’s gun.

            Meanwhile Louis jabs his elbow into Mike’s side. Mike’s gun clatters to the floor as Louis throws a right hook to his face. Louis stoops fast and grabs the gun. He points it at Mike.

            “Watch the door!” Louis shouts and you turn with the gun toward the door and wait.

            You snap around as you hear a gun shot. Louis has shot Mike in the kneecap, pointblank.

            “I said watch the door!” he yells and you flip back around. “You're lucky I won’t kill you.” you hear him whisper to Billy. Then you hear another round fired and a cry of pain. You peek behind you and see blood running from Billy’s kneecap onto the pine floor.

            “Someone’s coming!” you shout in panic as you hear the stairs squeak beyond the room.

            “Go to the picture!” he shouts and takes your place guarding the door. What is he talking about?! “The picture! Of the ocean! Pull it off the wall!” you do as you’re told and lift the giant picture off the wall. It drops to the floor and you see a metal safe embedded within the wall. “The combo is 345678!” he shouts and you start turning the dial. You cringe and close your eyes as you hear the other men enter the room. You hear the smack of fist against flesh. “Grab everything! He shouts as he flips the third man onto his back. “Sorry Rich!” he shouts as fires at one of the man’s foot.

            You turn to the safe and see an old tattered book and a red folder. You grab both of them and shut the safe. When you turn back to Louis you see four unconscious men on the floor. You look at Louis; he’s breathing hard and holding his gun like an expert, he has a cut through one eyebrow and a bruised jaw.

            “We have to get out of here.” He says and scoops you into his arms. He carries you down the stairs into the garage where he sets you in the passenger side of the car. He climbs into the car next to you and pulls out of the garage and goes speeding out of the neighborhood. “Look inside the folder.” He says.

            You open the red folder with shaking fingers and see two passports, two ID’s and several credit cards, along with birth certificate and other documents. The names on the passports are: Jonathan Wire and Mabel Wire.

            “These are forged!” you exclaim. He just smiles. As you let the thought of being a fugitive sink in you close the red folder and fold your shaking hands on top of it, then a thought occurs to you. “What about the men back at your house? They need medical attention.”

            “Don’t worry, hon, someone will call nine one one.” he reassures you. You’re both silent for a few minutes.

            “I’m scared, Louis.”

He trains his piercing green eyes on you and says in a serious tone, “I will never let anyone hurt you.”             

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