Same Mistakes (Zayn Malik FanFiction)

A 19 year old girl moves to New York with her brother and friends. She meets zayn malik but will she ever see him again? What happens when she falls in love with zayn and it hurts everyone including herself?


1. Starbucks Stranger


Cristina's POV:

  I walked into Starbucks for my daily vanilla bean and I sat down in the chair closest to me, I started to go on my Instagram newsfeed and like some pictures. I had to pick up my brother at 10:00 am and it was 9:30 am. I was ready to walk out when I tripped on a chair and spilled my drink all over this teenage boy.   

Oh crap! Great way to start the day! "I'm so sorry I didn't see you there. Wait here, I will get you some napkins." I said trying not to embarrass my self, too late.  I came back with some napkins and I handed them to him "we'll I should go before I cause more trouble." I said trying to leave as fast as I can so i don't embarrass myself as much as I already have. 

  "Wait Cristina" I heard a male voice say in back of me. Wait how does he know my name? I turned back and saw his handsome features. "Dont worry I'm not some crazy stocker boy. I just saw the name on your cup." He said. "Oh right...... Well i better get going" I said hoping he will just forget about all the embarrassment I just caused. "Wait I like people spilling drinks on me" he said. I laughed as I turned back and said "well I like spilling them on people" which caused him to laugh as well. 

  "Do you mind if I buy you another vanilla bean?" He said.  "It's ok I got it" I said so he didn't have to pay for it. I headed towards the register and asked for another vanilla bean but instead the cashier ignored me and said "can you spill something on me?" I was about to tell him if he could just make my drink but I was interrupted by the teenage boy who came up next to me "no she just wants her drink and that will be all." He said angrily placing the money on the counter.    "Oh um..... you don't have to do that" I said feeling guilty about letting him pay. "Well it was my chair that tripped you so technically it's my fault." He said and I just smirked and said "thank you."  I stood there awkwardly and waited for my drink until he broke the silence and said "why don't you join me in my lonely table?" I had nothing else to do today so I said "sure."   

I grabbed my drink and headed towards the table. When I sat down I said "so you know my name but I don't know yours." "Zayn Malik" he said as if I should've known. I noticed his British accent so I asked "your not from around here, are you?" "no I'm from England but my band and I are on tour but at the same time we are looking for a guitarist." He said. " that's cool what band are you in?" I said. "One direction" he answered confused. "Oh your that British boy band. right?" I said finally realizing who he was. "Yea that's me. But I never got to ask you where are you from?" He said.  "It compli-" I was cut off by my phone ringing.  

I looked at the contact and immediately got up. It was my brother, Brandon. Oh my god he is gonna kill me! I answered the phone and said "I'm so sorry I will be home in 2 minutes!" And without letting him speak I hung up. "I'm so sorry I have to go." I told zayn. I rushed out the door and he said "you left your drink!" He yelled. "It's probably safer there than in my hands, I will probably drop it on somebody again" I turned back to look at him and I saw his beautiful smile.    "Can I at least have your number?" Zayn asked. "If its meant to be we will see each other again" I said.

  Zayn's POV:  

I didn't know much about this Cristina girl but I knew there was something about her that made me know I was gonna see her again. 

authors note:

  This is our first story please no hate. 

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