Same Mistakes (Zayn Malik FanFiction)

A 19 year old girl moves to New York with her brother and friends. She meets zayn malik but will she ever see him again? What happens when she falls in love with zayn and it hurts everyone including herself?


3. I knew that smile

Christina's p.o.v:

I woke up in the morning really late. I could tell brandon was already awake from the sound of the tv in the living room. I grabbed my phone which was under my pillow and pulled out the earphones that stuck on me the whole night. I checked my phone and got a new message.

From:cray cray Connor
Hey wanna hang out today? 

From: Christy c: 
To: cray cray Connor
Yeah sure :) my house? 30 minutes be here with candy I have mean girls 

From: cray cray Connor 
To: Christy c: 
On my way riding on my penny board already. 

I put my hair up in a messy ponytail and put on some fresh clothes. 

"Christy! I'm going out with some friends" I heard brandon yell.

"Alright be safe you booger!" 

I grabbed a popcorn bag and put it in the microwave. Now i had a bowl of popcorn and the movie in the dvd player. its been like 20 minutes. Hmmm Connor won't be here for a while so.... Time for my concert! I hope the neighbors like this song I thought to myself going into my music library. Wake me up by Ed sheeran. Perfect! I started singing the first few lines of the song roughly and I eased into in and really got into the song. Grabbing one of the nearby spoons I used it as if it were a microphone and started dance. Then I felt a pair of arms rap around me and I freaked! I turned around to see connor and calmed down a bit. I turn off the music and put the spoon down.

" Connor what's wrong with you! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" I said screaming at him feeling quite embarrassed.

" really christy? You don't think I know where you hide the keys?" He said looking at me as if I should think this is normal. 

"Well I wonder how many other times you've snuck in here!" I said.

"Oh Shush and eat the candy I bought for you"he said handing me the bag.

"Sour patch kids! My fav omg Connor I love you!" I said jumping on him. 

We landed on the couch laughing and finally settled in. 

"Connor can I tell you something?"I asked 

"Of course you can" he said looking at me with his soft blue eyes.

"Remember that guy I told you and jade about?"

 Connor's p.o.v:

Oh course how can I forget I mentally rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah what about him?" I asked.

" well I want to see him again. I don't even know if that's ever going to happen but I'm scared."

"Scared of what christy?"

"Scared of him? Of myself I don't know. I just don't want it to happen again. I can't do it. I can't handle it." She said nearly almost crying.

I grabbed her and rapped her in my arms making sure that whatever she felt with any other guy she wouldn't feel that with me. She'll always be safe in my arms and I hope she knew that.

"Do you know how hard it was?" She said.


"Loving someone for so long and having them leave you without even saying goodbye" now she was really crying. 

I wiped off her tears and tucked her loose strands of hair on the back of her ear. 

"He left me Connor! And you know that, sometimes I feel like I could finally be happy you know start a new life here in New York but I'll always have that memory following me." She let another tear fall out.

"When Liam left for the xfactor I didn't think he'd forget about me that easily, he never called or texted me he left me with nothing" 

More tears began to fall from her gorgeous eyes and I couldn't take it anymore. I hated seeing her like this and I couldn't let it happen again to her with this new guy zayn. 

"C'mon" I said picking her up bridal style and grabbing her car keys.

"Where are you taking me?" She said only half smiling. 

"I know what will cheer you up, were ganna bake cookies!" 

  Christina's p.o.v:
When we got to the store Connor grabbed me and put me into a shopping cart. I laughed and put my hands up as he pushed me through the aiels. We stopped in the baking section and grabbed some cookie dough. I got off the cart to go get some Nutella and thats when I saw him. It was him. It had to be. I knew that smile from a mile away and there he was zayn Malik Starbucks cutie with his four other band mates strolling out of the store...


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