Same Mistakes (Zayn Malik FanFiction)

A 19 year old girl moves to New York with her brother and friends. She meets zayn malik but will she ever see him again? What happens when she falls in love with zayn and it hurts everyone including herself?


2. His name was.....


    Christina's POV:  

I parked in our saved parking lot now that we just moved in to a new apartment about a week ago. I rushed inside and saw my brother waiting for me with a mad face. " where have you been?" He said. " don't worry about it we have to get you to your football practice." I replied. I walked out of the apartment as he followed and I locked the door. I went outside and opened the car and we both got in. 

  After 2 minutes of driving he asked "so where we're you?" "I went to go get coffee." I answered "then why did you take so long? Who were you with?" He asked. "I just met a friend. God what's up with all these questions. I think I got enough 3rd degree with dad, considering we don't see him that much I like to keep it that way." I said. 

  Brandon has started to act a lot like dad and its getting on my last nerves. First my mom abandoned us and we didn't even get to know her, then dad got so controlling so when I turned 19 I left with Brandon to New York and we started a new life. But ever since we moved to this new apartment Brandon has started to act like a mini dad. 

  Once I got to the football field I stopped to car to drop him off and said "goodbye".   I was on my way home when I heard a beep from my phone.  

  From: Cray-cray Connor

  To: Christy

  Hey wanna come over? I have FOOD :) x


  From: Christy

  To: Cray-Cray Connor  

You had me at FOOD! On my way :) x  


I knocked on the door and on the first knock Connor answered "hey!" He exclaimed. "Hello!" I replied and he let me in. "So how have you been?" He asked. "Good. How about you?" I said.    "I been good you know just hanging out with jade most of the time." "That's go-" I was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Is that the pizza?" I asked Connor. As Connor opened the door he said "ugh no it's just jade." "Oh shut up! You know you want me here. I'm the life of the party!" Jade said as we all started laughing. "Hey jade! I've missed you." I said as I ran and gave her a big hug. 

  We all sat down and started talking about our lives. When me and my brother moved to New York, Connor and jade moved with me because they said they couldn't live without me. I love my friends so much! They are just amazing!   "So how are you guys liking New York?" I asked. "I love it!" Jade said. " yea it's really nice we should've moved here years ago." Said Connor "yea thank god they have a Starbucks here though." I said and then I regretted it immediately. "OMG you met someone didn't you?" Jade said. "Ummmm........" I said wishing I could take what I said before back. "What's his name? How did you meet? Did you get the digits? Tell me EVERYTHING"jade said. "JADE CALM DOWN!" I said. 

  Connors POV:  

"I'm gonna go get something to drink do any of you guys want?" I said. 

  "No thanks" said Christina.   

" uh actually yea I want-" jade was cut off by me.   

" well to bad go get it yourself." I said , I love bothering jade :)

  I went to the kitchen so Christina didn't have to see my sad face when she talked about   meeting a new guy.   

I walked outside thinking they were done with the story but I guess I was wrong. 

  Zayns POV:

  " She spilled coffee on me but then got 

   napkins an helped pick it up.   

   I bought her another drink and we just we stayed talking.

    She had to go because she was late for   something.    

    She said if its meant to be we will see each other again.                

    I miss her beautiful eyes.                    

    I wish I could see her right now." I told my band mates.   


    Christina's POV:   

"so it all started when I spilled coffee  on him.

  he bought me another drink and we stayed talking.  

  I realized I had to leave to pick up my brother so I ran out.

  I said if it was meant to be we would  see each other again.  

  I miss his beautiful smile.  

  I wish I could see him again." I told  jade while Connor was listening.  

When I finished telling jade my story I looked at her and Connor and she looked happy but Connor looked sort of sad. I wonder why?  

"OMG I'm so happy for you!" Jade said. 

  I have never seen jade this happy since the last boy I dated. Well he wasn't just a boy he was the love of my life until he forgot about me. His name was Liam.     

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