Same Mistakes (Zayn Malik FanFiction)

A 19 year old girl moves to New York with her brother and friends. She meets zayn malik but will she ever see him again? What happens when she falls in love with zayn and it hurts everyone including herself?


4. Here goes nothing


  Christina's POV:  

I saw zayn laughing with someone next to him. He looked familiar. It can't be. But it is! It was LIAM! My heart started to pound. I wanted to go up to zayn and talk to him but I couldn't because Liam was there. Wait, why was Liam there? We're they friends? Did Liam send zayn to talk to me? I was scared that they were gonna see me so I ran back to Connor. I got my phone out and started to learn more about one direction. I saw zayn ,a curly haired boy, a boy in a stripped shirt,a blonde boy,and Liam. What was Liam doing there? How can Liam be in one direction.    "Hey where were you?" Connor asked.   

"Can we please leave?" I said quickly. 

  "Christy are you ok?" Connor asked looking concerned. 

  "Yes I'm fine lets go" I Said pulling Connor with me to the register. 

  We were on our way home when Connor stopped at Starbucks. 

  " why are we here?" I asked. 

  " because I know coffee calms you down and right now you seem really stressed out" Connor       said and I smiled at him.   

" thank you" I said in reply.

  We walked in the coffee shop and I bought my vanilla bean with a cake pop. Connor went to   buy some coffee cups so I sat down and waited for him. When I was done I walked to the garbage can but on my way I tripped.

  "Dammit not again! Sorry I have a thing for spilling drinks on people" I Said while still looking down.  

"It's ok here let me help you up." Said a familiar voice. When I looked up I saw zayn.   

"Zayn?" I asked still not sure if it was him.

  "Oh my god Christina!" He said. Ok so it actually was him.  

 "I told you we would see each other again." i said smiling. 

  I looked around the table and saw 4 boys staring at me. When I saw Liam's face I ran out with Connor following behind me. I felt tears come out of my eyes.

  " Christina!" I heard Liam yell. I cant forget his voice it will be stuck in my head forever.   

      Zayn's POV:  

  I saw Christina's phone on the floor and I had an idea. I  typed in my number and sent a   message to my phone so now we each had each others number. I hope she doesn't get mad.  

"Christina you left your phone!!!" I yelled and ran up to her. 

  She turned back and took the phone while thanking me. I saw her eyes were red and puffy. I was about to ask her what happened but she closed her car door and started to drive away. I was walking back to the shop when I saw Liam come out of the store. He's gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

      Liam's POV:

  Oh god what did I do now. I walked outside to see what happened but when I walked outside I saw a angry zayn. I wanted to go back inside but I couldn't back down now.

  " what did you do to her?!" Zayn asked.

  "She was my ex" I said scared.

  "Wait. What? How?" Zayn said.

  "We'll I used to date her but then I went on x-factor and I forgot all about her. I tried calling her again to apologize but after that she never talked to me again." I said.  

"Well Liam I don't think anyone would want to talk to you if you just forgot about them!" His voice was getting louder.

"Really Liam?! The one girl I actually start to have feelings for you just wanna take her away from me!" Zayn said.

  "well what if i still have feeling for her!" i said.

  Zayn went back inside grabbed his keys "I will see you guys at home! " He said angrily and walked out. He hopped in his car and drove home.

   Christina's POV:  

   I was in the car with Connor and it was awkwardly silent. 

  "I'm sorry." Said Connor 

  "For what?" I Said confused.  

"For bringing you I shouldn't have. It's all my fault." Said Connor. 

  "No it's not your fault its Liam's" I said.  

All of a sudden my phone rang and It said "zayn" what? How did I get his number?

  "Hello?" I said. 

  ""Really Liam?! The one girl I actually start to have feelings for you just wanna take her away   from me!" Zayn said.  

  Zayn has feelings for me?  

"well what if i still have feeling for her!" Liam said.

  Why would Liam have feelings for me if he is the one who left me ?

  I hung up the phone as we arrived at my apartment.

      Zayn's POV:

  When I got home I went to my room and laid down on my bed. I decided to send Cristina a text.

    From: zayn

    To: Cristina 

  Hey Christina. I hope your not mad that I got your phone to get your number. I just really wanted to talk to you. :) xx


  I sent it and waited for her to reply.


  Cristina's POV:

  I felt my phone vibrate and I saw a text from zayn I opened it to see what it said. 

    From: zayn

    To: Cristina 

  Hey Christina. I hope your not mad that I got your phone to get your number. I just really wanted to talk to you. :) xx


  From: Cristina

  To: zayn

  It's ok I wanted your number anyways but I gtg I will talk to you later :) nighty night! xx


  Connors POV: 

  "Christy!" I yelled from the kitchen so we can start baking. 

  "I'm coming!" She yelled back.  

She came in sweatpants and a off the shoulder shirt. Even though she doesn't try to look good she still does.  

"Ok so lets start off while the cookies" I said.   

We put the cookies in the oven and while they were baking and we did the brownies.  

"Man I can't mix this" said Christina as she was struggling to mix the fudge.  

"Here let me help." I said as I put my arm around hers and grabbed her hand so we an mix together. After a while we finally got it and we put the brownies in the oven a and took the cookies out.

  I took a bite out of the cookie and it was delicious! I feed the rest to Christina by putting the cookie in her face and making her eat it. She started to laugh and so did I.  

"Can I tell you something?" I asked.

  "Of course! You can tell me anything." She said. 

  Just tell her Connor. Tell her how you feel. Ok well here goes nothing.


  Authors Note:   Comment: So what do you think so far?

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