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2. the killing

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Joel's p.o.v

 turned to the news just to have something catch my eye something that scared me really bad so bad that i locked all that doors in the house and ran up stairs and grabbed my gun.....

still on Joel's p.o.v

 i walked back down stairs to see the rest of the news. (news reporter)"well right now the hospital is telling us that there an infection going on in this very hospital right now and-" (solider) "madam you need to get out of here now" "no were not going anywhere" "GET OUT OF HERE" *big explosion which shut off the camera* TV went all black and white."what the heck is going on"i whisper too myself to right after i said that  i started to hear sounds like someone or something was trying to come in i slowly got up from my seat and started to follow the noise just to get a text from my brother Tommy. (Tommy's text) "what the f*** is going on"?  "where are you"  "Joel" "i'm on my way" i laid my phone down on the table and slowly walked towards the noise to sooner find out it was coming from my office. i quietly creaked the door open to find my neighbor banging on the glass screaming. "Jimmy stop this now" i said pointing the gun at him "JIMMY"!!!!.......

Sarah's p.o.v

*ring ring* (groans)  grabs the phone "hello"? Sarah honey i need you to get your daddy on the phone "uncle Tommy. what time is it"? "i need to talk to your daddy now there's some-" "uncle Tommy..hello"? i quickly sat up and put the phone down "what was that all about" i whispered to myself as i walked towards the door and creaked it open."Dad"?!? no respond i opened the door fully and walked out to his room it looked like it did when he went to work a complete mess clothes every. "Dad" ?!? "where the h*** are you" by now i was getting worried so worried that i didn't even know i was crying. "DAD I SWEAR IF YOUR TRYING TO PULL A PRANK THIS IS NOT FUNNY"!!!!! i choked, what if something happened to him what if he got into a car crash on his way home?!?!? or what if someone lock him in one of the rooms we have down stairs and the person is robing us right now looking for me now?!?!?  questions like this was just running through my head  which made me cry more i walked down the stairs just to hear someone scream  "DAD"!!!! right now i didn't care if someone was robbing us i'm going i started to panic i ran as fast as i could to each room we had down stairs before i quickly ran to where i heard my dad scream "DAD WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON"?!?!? i got there i just in time to see jimmy ken our next door neighbor get shot in the stomach and  my dad pushing him off of him y-you s-shot h-him i said with a bit of fear in my voice" Honey somethings not right that's not jimmy". he said trying to clam me down i wanted to say ok dad what ever you say but i didn't i didn't say a word to him   all i wanted to do was walked away but i didn't i couldn't move i was too scared to move, a bunch of  questions came to my head in my head what was he thinking? is there really something going on? are we safe?  but the biggest one of them  came up all am i safe?so many questions flooded arounded in my head so much that i could see the room starting to play in my head over and over again to the point that i felt like i could faint ,i mean how would you handle it if you just seen your dad kill somebody? before i could get anymore questions in my head i heard a car horn out side then my dad started to pull me towards the door when he opened it i couldn't believe my eyes  to see the person i thought i would never see again...........................................................................


that's the end of chapter 2 hoped you enjoyed it :)

what did she see?

who did she see?

how would you handle it if you seen your dad kill someone? (please leave a comment if you want to:))

find out next time on Last Of Us!

bye guys :)



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