the last of us

you will have to read to find out


1. infected


                                                                               Joel's p.o.v

as i got into my car my phone started to ring "hello"? "hey Joel it's Tommy"he said nervously "what's up Tommy"? "nothing much how's Sam"?"she's good" i bet she's grown  a lot since we moved from Texas"."yea she has but she's still my baby girl" when i said that it made me smile by now i was turning down witch drive which is two block away from my house.'hey Joel i have to tell you something"and i could tell that he was serious by his tone"well can this wait until tomorrow cause i'm really tired"i said turning down unicorn drive heading to the house"no it can't wait i have to tell you it's about your job"my smile soon faded."what do you mean it's about my job"? what is this man talking about? well umm we are running out of money on the budget and we have to let some people go and your the one of them that we have to let go i really don't want to at all trust me but Chris said if i didn't he would lower my salary down to 20 dollars a week and i can't go for that. fire me why they know i have a child to take care of by my self and they want to fire me?!? he's my own brother for crying out loud he wouldn't even take up for me at all shows what type of brother he is thinking about this a made me not even remember that i was parked in my drive way siting in the car  i slowly got out of the car and garbed my phone and put it to my ear to hear my name beaning called over and over again "Joel Joel are you still there" look Tommy i need this job more than you i have a kid to take care of by myself and i can't believe that you would do this to me i'm your own brother for crying out loud .by now i have so much anger in me that i just wanted to yell at him so much i slowly open the door to my house and closed it back "look Tommy let's talk about this later" "ok bye" "bye" i sighed what did i do to deserve this huh what did i do that was so bad that i deserved to lose my job   i slowly walked to the couch laid down and turned on the TV and turned to the news just to have catch my eye some thing that scared me really bad so bad that i locked all the doors in the house and ran up stairs and grabbed my gun.


what did he see?

will he be mad at Tommy for what he did?

find out next time on The Last Of Us



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