Just another love story

It's just another love story.


8. Chapter 8

Sorry guys, shes on a break from the story so im here.


Harrys POV 


"Tonights the three month anniversary since me and Sam got together. I'm really hoping to take the next step and ask her…for a child. Is that too pushy?" I asked Louis. "No. Not at all. If you love her that much. Ask her." 


Sams POV 


I walked into Harrys house. I heard him talking. "Ask her." Louis said. Ask me what? The floor creaked. "Hello?" I heard. I ran out and ran home. I shut the door and locked it. I slid down the door. I heard a knock. I answered it. "Hey. We're you at my house a second ago?" He asked. "No. I was texting Gracie. Why?" I lied. "I thought I heard someone at my house. Probably nothing but…" "OK fine I was there!" I screamed. "Ok? Not that big a deal. Unless you heard a lot." "No all I heard was ask her." I let him in. "Crap now I have to ask you." He grabbed my hands and held them tight. "Sam…I want us to have a child." He asked. "But. I can't. I have Ricky to take care of. But I have an idea. Lets just have him as our child." I yanked my hands out of his. "Well that's good enough." He kissed me softly. "But I still wanna take you out." "OH MY GOS RICKY!!!!" I dragged Harry to my car and drove off. I went up to Davey's house and ran up to the door. I knocked. "I'm so sorry I forgot. I had to work late. I was gonna call but I didn't get service." I lied. "Oh it's fine. He fell asleep on the couch." I went inside and picked him up. I carried him out to the car. Then we went home. I tucked him in and Harry and I cuddled up and watched the notebook. We fell asleep. 

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